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April 28, 2007



I have said it before here. The Generals are selected/promoted by the Administration, and Confirmed by the Senate. Each assignment is a similar process of recommendation and approval. The way to retire a General at a certain point is simply not to make the next assignment.

The General Staff may be capable, but must also be political.

The General who recommended more men in Iraq at the beginning was soon retired (after being ridiculed). This was not lost on the ranks.

sounds like a "Rope A Dope" to me

there WERE Generals who told george bush the truth

and george bush FIRED those Generals

this PUTZ is blaming george's yes-men for the disaster

who hired the "Yes-Men", and whyu ain't HE to blame ???

this is just another piece of repuglican dis-information

lets all blame the Generals, so nobdy will notice george is an idiot and a loser

failure starts at the top, and there ain't no uniforms at the top of the Defense Department

That is how it works, Jodi, but the process is not immune to reform. Remember, that the author is not blaming the generals, he's suggesting the system is broken.

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