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April 16, 2007


The students are neighbors and friends of mine. I'm absolutely stunned.

There is an incredible decay afflicting the fabric of our society. It is sub-surface, but systemic. It is not the result of the false moral canards bandied about by conservative Republicans and neocons, but it is most certainly, at least in good measure, the direct result of the shameful policies and actions of said charlatans. They have put us at war with each other on domestic social issues, and at war with the world ideologically and militarily. If all the capital, both morally and financially, that has been wasted in the Iraq war, the culture war, the war on terror, the war on drugs, and all their other wars, had instead been invested in the betterment and equalization of opportunity for all memebers of our society, and building of the infrastructure necessary to accomplish that goal, we would be so much better off. There would be infinitely less depression, despair, disillusionment, dishonesty and every other breakdown of the individual that leads to the malaise of the whole. And maybe, just maybe, there would be peace and normalcy in Virginia today. There is a better way; and there must be a better day.

As Larry Johnson points out, today may be the most horrific mass murder in American history, but in Iraq, it would be "just another day in paradise."

This is not to belittle what has happened, but we Americans need to get a bit of perspective in our coddled existence. The situation we have allowed makes this look like the proverbial "Sunday school picnic."

Perhaps in the wake of this terrible event, we might think about that. We Americans - and I include the others who post here and read here - are not the Great Innocents we have been raised to believe we are.

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