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April 12, 2007


I don't think Biskupic was ever on the list (at least not the ones we have). I'm pretty sure McDevitt was on the list until near the very end of the process.

You know I've got to hope they also want to ask him more about Fitzgerald, to see if he has refreshed his recollection about conversations he had with people about it other than the one with Miers and Kelley in early 2006 which he sought to present misleadingly as the only one that happened.

ew, "voluntary follow-up" is confusing. Did Rove have voluntary follow-ups with Mr. Fitzgerald?

Oh, I believe he did, Sally.

Sally--As a matter of fact, he did. Marcy's probably up to speed on which appearances, but I can remember Rove going in at least once because he specifically asked to do so.

Mr. Sampson must have learned the lesson that Rove's voluntary follow-ups kept him out of the pokey (at least for now, she said hopefully).

I'm still waiting for him to be 100% nailed down on the chain of authority. It didn't happen last time.

I'd like to see him asked who has the power to remove USAs; if a COS to the AG decided next week to remove USAs how he, and those who work with him to accomplish those removals, would be authorized and how everyone they are dealing with would know they were authorized; then how he actually received authority and from whom and what he did to make sure that he had authority from the only person who could give it - the President.

No one has nailed down why anyone thought they had authority to remove USAs, even if Gonzales and Miers were "in meetings" with them - where was the President's authorization?

So another question might be - Mr. Sampson, when the President, Tony Snow and Dana Perino all made statements that the President was not involved in any manner whatsoever with the firings, do you have reason to believe they were not telling the truth?

And if they were telling the truth, can you explain how a plan involving the participation of numerous members of DOJ, including the AG, to remove over a half dozen USAs went forward, to fruition, without one person receiving authorization from the President for the removals?

I'm calling Leahy's office and dictating Mary's questions to whomever answers.

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