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April 03, 2007


O'Prison is my new favorite Bushie.

Thanks for all your hard work on this. It is the snag that will unravel the Bush sweater, I believe, because as Sara pointed out yesterday from the Nixon experience, once Gonzo has to resign, the Dems can extract quite a bit for approving a new AG, including appointment of a special prosecutor.

did somebody say "appointment of a special prosecutor." ???

I nominate Marcy Wheeler

can I get a wOOt ???


an I didn't just say that cuz I don't want Marcy Wheeler investigating me

well, maybe a little ...

The Germans had a phrase for this. In English, it's 'working towards the fuhrer'. That's what Sampson was doing. That's why there's no record of the higher-ups.


I love the details, but I am getting a little lost.

I am losing track of who the players are. Also, I am losing track of whether the "lies" to Congress occurred in letters or in statements to Senators.

I mention this in the hope that it will help you tailor your story for the broader audience at KOS and Firedoglake.

Fight fiercely.

An organization chart of the DoJ would be helpful, but we'd need side charts showing the links to the White House... like an incestuous family tree.

You really can't understand Icelandic family sagas without knowing the geneologies for several generations, and it is the same here, albeit truncated in years. As people move back and forth through these positions in government, they keep reconnecting. And, as each morsel (such as Griffin's prior working relationship with Goodling and Comstock) gets revealed, we need to place it on the chart.

If the chart gets tangled, we can move to 3D.

Thank you, Marcy for all your hard (and brilliant work) I finally had to de lurk after reading you forever....this is better than the Watergate hearings, which I watched every morning (5 AM) You are the best

Marcy, you continue to amaze us all. Stay on their asses!

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