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April 17, 2007


Has Bloomberg been a populist Mayor? As Mayor have his actions had the practical effect of reducing inequality in the city? No?

Pay no attention to what he says, look at what he does.

Sounds like a Trojan horse to me.

I am not sure about this, and there is little chance it will work; but your thought is extremely well stated and worthy of consideration.

Better idea: Edwards/Waxman. John Edwards is a great candidate for president. While not as progressive as I'd personally prefer, he's close enough. He's got charisma, which isn't necessarily a progresssive value, but it means one heck of a lot when it comes to getting elected. He's already put forth a fairly detailed plan for universal health care, which really puts him up in my eyes, and is also a draw for voters on both sides of the aisle; you know there are millions of Republicans who can't access quality health care because of the way the current health insurance system sucks.

Henry Waxman would be a superb VP. He's been in the system for a long time and has never wavered on his progressive values and his fights to advance them. He knows how to get good things done in Congress. And come 2016, who knows? President Waxman?

Nah, I'm just dreamin'. You know Obama's got the lock.

the "two americas" ticket. lol.

Here's a better idea - Edwards/Inanimate Carbon Rod.

>>Here's a better idea - Edwards/Inanimate Carbon Rod.


" you're travelling to another election, an election not only of sight and sound .. but of mind -- a journey into a wondrous .. hey wait a minute -- i'm made of solid carbon, i have no mouth -- hope is on the way !! "

Forrest R. Prince, Obama may have the lock but I still like to think a white male could become President someday

joejoejoe, re: Inanimate Carbon Rod -- isn't that what I said?

I would like to scare the bejeebers out of the wingnuts by seriously proposing Pelosi-Murtha '07. She's third in line, and he's her mentor. It's a natural ticket for the replacement.

Let's not have any more Kerry/McCain tickets.

Senator Webb from Virginia has been making the same argument passionately for months. He's always had good "credentials" with Republicans. I would much prefer Edwards/Webb. However, I think Edwards just might pick a woman - one of the two impressive women governors.

Very interesting idea, EP. Never occured to me before (and I support Edwards). I also like Edwards/Webb or, as Bill might be suggesting above, Edwards/Sibelius.

"(For someone who until 2004 chose never to vote, that was a big step toward political involvement... if an utterly impractical one.)"

You mean you didn't pick Perot over Clinton? I voted for him both times, I had my disinterested-scientist phase also.

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