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April 30, 2007


Eid is bad news. While continuing to look for the article I mentioned in a previous thread, I tripped on at least TWO references to Eid being not only a lobbyist with Greenberg Taurig, but a SHAREHOLDER.

In other words, he had a highly vested interest in the outcomes of Native American issues he was representing while at Greenberg.

EW have you seen Murray Waas' new article? Bombshell about AG signing an order to delegate hiring/firing at Justice to Goodling and Sampson. Murray is the man. He saw the docs. Smoke, meet gun.

I need to read and digest this post. I don't know if history will ever digest the depths of this corruption. I don't know if I can, either. It just goes deeper and deeper.

porcupine. pine ridge.interior.
Yes. i read up on that stuff at one point when I first saw the resume. I thought it was paulose's, not Jackley.

This is an indian area where some serious "voter fraud" accusations went on. there was a race in SD in 2002 where John Thune barely lost to (Johnson?)

There was a big contingency of lawyers from the republicans, including the RNLA - and there was a big BS story created by the Repubs) about "voter fraud" - There was one woman who was actually convicted of signing someone elses name on a form to request absentee ballots - but the charges were later dismissed.

There was a newsreporter who was a good buddy of a lawyer working for thune's campaign who manufactured a fake story about "voter fraud".

If you haven't already read up on this. here is one place:
see "case 13" "investigating 'massive fraud' on the reservations"

I think the article says that as a result of all this sturm und drang which amounted to nothing - the SD legislature passed a bill which made it much harder to vote absentee - requiring notarization to do so. The idea is that this would disproportionately affect native americans.

So the bottom line is that by adding that line Jackley has proven to people who matter that he is very much on the "right" side of Indian issues (when it comes to voting anyway)

EW. I enjoy your insight. Try reading the history on the relationship btwn NA's and the oil industry...Someone has drilling rights on their mind perhaps...

Here's something I've always wondered about, wrt Rhodes. SDCA is one of the bigger USA offices, with 120 AUSAs. Southern Alabama? Not so much. Plus, Rhodes lived in SD for a number of years. Did Rhodes knwo she almost got SD but instead got AL?

K.Lynn - yes, considering the vast land holdings of the tribes, I've been waiting for a Cheney nexis moment. The mineral reservers, gas & oil holdings must make Cheney grit his teeth in frustration but his name hasn't cropped up in these discussions that I've seen.

mainsailset 22:10 -- read the last USA-related thread. I think you'll be satisfied with the direction.

clever innovation and presentation.

the weblog world of journalism is growing exponentially by the day and week, not by the year or the decade.

Me, again!
Am I just manifesting my little, bear brain, or is there something here that doesn't meet the eye? I recall (and other wheelers can fill in the big gap I'm leaving) that there are Native Americans sitting on oil patches here and there, who haven't been getting the full benefit of the royalties promised to them by the US Govt, for, oh, about a century. Wouldn't it be hilarious, given that oil is involved, if the Cheneys, and the Bushes and the Mitchells and who knows who else, arranged to divert some of that green in the direction of their bank accounts? [Pass the tinfoil hat, please] We're talking, not hundreds of Ks, not thousands of Ks, but millions of Ks that have gone, to use the language of the BIA, missing. No records. No payments. No compensation, whatsoever, save a token, here and there. Forgive me, for I know not what I think.

Still scratching my head over the "shareholder" status of Eid...why is he a "shareholder" and not merely a partner, although it looks like they downplay the shareholder angle and promote partner instead. Did he buy his way into Greenberg? Was he expecting a solid yield on that investment? And why would a guy with the CV he's got settle for a USA slot? Is he parked for a judgeship -- which still seems a bit light for a guy with this CV.

Something smells.

Wow. Troy Eid at GT in Denver in 2003. Just wow.

I took a look at his Senate lobbying disclosure forms, and two things stood out. One, he was definitely in with Abramoff's gang, as the one lobbying disclosure form on record at SOPR lists his co-lobbyists as Ed Ayoob, Kevin Ring, Stephanie Leger, Pat Wilson, Neil Volz, Michael Smith - I mean, almost every except Abramoff himself.

Second, his client - Convergys Corp. Not happy with taking over state government:

Convergys Corp. says it landed a contract to provide human resources and payroll services to 46,000 government employees in Texas. State officials say the contract is worth up to $85 million over five years.

Cincinnati-based Convergys (NYSE: CVG) will perform the work for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, according to a news release. Convergys will open a new shared service center in Austin to serve the state employees, and the company expects the first phase of the transition to take about one year. The company says it will hire up to 150 employees for the new call center.


The company has started a similar program for the state of Florida. Convergys already employs about 5,000 people in Texas contact centers, and it was immediately clear if the company will be adding more to service the new contract. Cincinnati-based Convergys is a provider of outsourced billing, human resources and customer care services.

Convergys was looking to move into the Federal government, and who better to look to than Abramoff and GT.

This one's a biggie, Marcy. I'm driving to from LV to LA today, so won't have much time to do more research, but will hunker down tonight when I get to the hotel.

Still drinking my coffee, so I won't start packing just yet.

I went over Eid's resume at GT, and here are some thoughts. Abramoff wanted him on the Convergys account because of his experience as Secretary of Personnel and Administration. The lobbying disclosure form states Convergys' lobbying targets as the White House, Department of Labor, Homeland Security and "others". For this, GT in last half of 2004 was paid $140,000. Even for GT, that's a hefty sum for just one 6 month reporting period. The contract was terminated in February, 2005, one would assume because of the fall-out from the scandal hitting the media. According to Colorado Political News blog at the time, Eid's name was submitted for the Colorado USA way back in December 2004, even though he wasn't named until mid-2006. Was that because the White House was watching the Abramoff fallout and wanted to make sure their golden boy didn't get caught up in the scandal's fallout. They must have wanted him pretty bad if they were willing to take that chance.

Which leads me to contemplate Eid's Navajo Bar membership - throughout 2005, most of Southwestern Indian Country and the lawyers who worked against the tribes were caught up in the implications of the El Paso/Navajo right-of-way dispute and the fallout in the form of the Section 1813 study imposed by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. If the White House really wanted to have someone with knowledge of the Navajo dispute but didn't want it known that they really cared about the whole issue as deeply as they do, then Eid was definitely the right guy.


One of the delays of timing had to do with CO, not USA. Eid was under consideration, then it was perceived as a conflict for his wife's Supreme Court bid, then he resubmitted after she was appointed. So it may have just been kabuki on how to get them both named.

Note on page 17 at this link a mention of Troy Eid at GT in Nov. 2003, writing to Norton. (Note also use of the word, "shareholder".)

EW, you'll also want to note mentions in page 16 of Michigan-related content.

I can see the reason for the delay - but it is interesting that the WH chose not to nominate one of other two recommended attorneys. They clearly wanted Eid, and were willing to wait, even a year and a half.

One interesting note - I came across a Denver Post article on Eid's nomination. In it, Eid made it sound like he and Abramoff's paths didn't cross:

Eid, a shareholder at the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, practices land use and environmental law, federal Indian law, American Indian tribal law, business negotiations and public law.

Jack Abramoff, the Washington lobbyist who recently pleaded guilty to bribery, mail fraud and other charges, previously worked at Greenberg Traurig.

Eid and Abramoff both worked in divisions that represented American Indian tribes. But Eid has said he joined Greenberg Traurig in 2003, about the time Abramoff was being fired.

Abramoff wasn't fired until after the late February, 2004 WaPo expose, well after Eid's joining the firm. Eid was picked for the Convergys project in early 2004 (the lobbying disclosure was dated 2/1/04), when Abramoff was very much still around. There is no doubt in my mind that Eid and Abramoff knew each other, as Abramoff's crew did nothing without his knowledge and consent.

Remember Robert E. Coughlin II, deputy chief of staff for the DoJ criminal division resigned this week. He was good friends with Kevin Ring, co-lobbyist with Eid on Convergys. Ring also resigned from his lobbying firm, Barnes & Thornburg, two weeks ago. Ring was an aide for Doolittle for five years prior to joining GT and "Team Abramoff".

mbw 11:59 -- wonder if Eid is redacted on any of the Abramoff documents released by Waxman last year...or maybe not redacted? Ring's clearly in there.

Yup, you and I are thinking along the same lines, particularly WRT Coughlin, MB.

But then Eid is just one more Republican who seems to have forgotten his friend Jack.

OMG, Rayne, that is an amazing find! The Mashpee were definitely Jack's client, and if Eid wrote Norton (who he probably knew personally from Colorado) in November 2003, then that's even more evidence that he was part and parcel of Team Abramoff while at GT. I wonder just how well Eid knew Italia Federici, another key player with Colorado ties. Ack! How can I be in the car for four hours and away from the internet.

Waxman's Abramoff collection shows Rudy billing for repeated discussions with White House about staffing in DOI in 2001 and Indian issues -- but there's no connection between this work and Norton's exchange with Eid about an Indian tribe in 2003? Yah. Sure.

mbw -- found the original article in Cape Cod archives, including chart showing Abramoff involved in Wampanoag. Maybe the local paper has more tucked away in the recesses...

So I checked out the Mashpee lobbying records, and while most of Team Abramoff is listed, Eid is not. What's more, in their mid- and end-year reports for 2003 and 2004, only the Senate and House are listed as lobbying targets - nothing for DoI. So Eid, 1) didn't have himself listed as a lobbyist, despite contacting a government official regarding a current client, and 2) that government official's agency was never reported as having been lobbied by his firm. Bad form all around, and, frankly, legally actionable.


Note that Eid joined GT in NOvember 2003, so he shouldn't show up in the records until then. That'd give him 6 months of overlap with Abramoff.

No surprise, though, yes? Makes me wonder what Susan Eid was doing in terms of filings for her lobbying, too, but that's an altogether different investigation.

Wonder where the reporter at Cape Cod got the scoop on the letter from Eid to Norton -- was there a doc dump related to DOI and Norton someplace? I'm afraid I haven't done any work in that area. Wonder what would happen if a copy of that letter or letters were faxed/emailed to the Judiciary Committees...

GT was hired by the Mashpee on October 1, 2003. They were terminated a year later, probably due to the Abramoff scandal. If Eid was writing Norton in November, 2003, he should have been listed in an amendment, or at least in the year-end report, as a lobbyist. He was not. Nor in the 2004 mid-year report. Nor the termination report (end of 2004 reporting period.)

Ladies, I'm going to turn this into a dedicated post, with full attribution to you both (and feel free to cross-post it). I'd like to get some more attention to this now, and to turn it into something I can send on to some people.

I just did the same thing over at Wampum, Marcy. I think it's an amazing find by you and Rayne, and it's been really fun to have people to work with on this. I've been plugging along on Indian stuff for so long out in the wilderness, I forgot how enjoyable tag-teaming could be.

Rayne, thanks so much for the heads up on the last thread, I hadn't read it to the very end.
MBW, 'Down the Rabbit Hole' series at Wampum I had bookmarked way back when and it's still one of the best investigative pieces around. Bravo to you once again!

And with that, I'm taking down the satellite and hitting the road. See you all back here in a few hours.

I think a commenter in an earlier thread on this topic mentioned that Paulose, the new Minnesota USA, is Indian. That is correct, but she is from the India next to Pakistan. She is not native American.

OT -- Something to squirrel away at the back of the mind, not something to chase, but possibly important because it happened in parallel.

Babs Comstock left DOJ Public Affairs in September 2003, to become a lobbyist with Blank and Rome eff. October 1, 2003. Did you know she was a lobbyist for at least two different tribal corporations -- Kake and Alutiiq?

Huh. Not important now, but worth sticking away in a file, just happened to trip on it while snooping around lobbying records.

tedb -- pretty sure I've seen news articles that make mention of Paulose as first Asian-American USA in MN. The powers that be would definitely not hire someone of Native American heritage for the role.

EW, Sorry to come back so late. Re Tribe landholdings and oil: T Boone Pickens name has come up though...And some others...

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