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April 11, 2007


couldn't happen to a nicer guy

Looking at the titles of recent posts, I don't think the headlines are specific enough. Just saying "Failure" doesn't really tell us what the subject is. emptywheel's latest refers to the Bush Administration. This one refers to John McCain. Even if you qualified the headlines (e.g. "Enormous Failure", "Collosal Failure", "Failure of Historic Proportions", "Failure of Leadership", "Shakespearean Failure", etc.), it really doesn't help. You could be talking about the White House, John McCain, the Department of Justice, the war in Iraq, or the hunt for Osama bin Laden (although technically it's not a 'hunt' if we're not even looking for him anymore). I would suggest starting each post with a one or two word summary of which failure we're talking about. Thanks!

mccain is working with george to blame the people of America for their failures

failure is an orphan

And several of the Democratic candidates in last night's MoveOn talks (Clinton and Obama in particular) were working on blaming the Iraqis for the mess we made.

Frank Probst

You're right that there are many failures to choose from. So noted.

Has anyone devised a term for the "Surge II" that appears to be going on?

Bush said "the Surge" would be 21,500 troops, as I recall. Then recently there have been items about an additional 15,000 being sent over. And now he's extending the tours of folks who are there: 12 months---> 15 months. Any "real" numbers on how many troops are involved?

I fear that they may send enough folks over to make some sort of difference, such that they can claim "it's working."

PS - I suggest "FrankenSurge."

I really don't get the whole blame the Iraqi people for this mess. Helloooo, OUR MESS, Bush and Co made it and WE have to clean it up.

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