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March 15, 2007


OK, granted, AG-squared has been a total embarassment. I think he's be gone already if they had someone to replace him. But when he finally resigns (I'm going with next Tuesday in my office pool), who are they going to nominate to fill the slot? Barbara Comstock? Scooter Libby?

Bush has a real problem on his hands. I mean, seriously. The administration is so riddled with corruption that they need to pick somoene who is "loyal" to the junta, so as not to do any more damage. It would suck to have to fire your own AG because they appointed a special prosecutor... who decided to investigate you. But they've alienated all the honest and competant people who might still be loyal.

I'm serious. Who do they pick? Jeb? Negroponte? DeLay? Kissinger? Bob Muller? I can't think of a single person who is (1) up to the job, (2) loyal enough to the Bushies to actually win consideration, and (3) honest enough to make it through the senate without being even MORE of an embarassment than Gonzales is now.

Looks like you read the same Washington Post article I did this morning. Sen Leahy is stepping up on this - said he will compell Karl to testify if he won't come in on his own. It's shaping up to look like several instances of lying to congress and obstruction are pretty clearly documented on this one. Don't see this going away any time soon. Finally, we may get a little of what we hoped for from plamegate here. Fortunately, Leahy is not one to be triffled with.

Replacing Gonzo has always been the big stumbling block to having him resign. OTOH, it is hard to see him continuing when he has so consistently lied to Congress, screwed up investigations and meddled politically in them. There simply is no Bob Gates waiting in the wings who is going to, in the twilight of his career, cover up for what has become close to a criminal enterprise.

But he can't continue, that is clear. And AG just isn't something that can be handled with an interim appointment or caretaker. There has to be some kind of compromise. It is sort of like what one would imagine happening if Cheney had to be replaced. But one can't imagine Bush agreeing to anyone with any stature or independence, because it is just too risky. And once again we have to wonter about the 49 GOP Senators, or at least the 21 up for reelection.

Is this going to be the confrontation that is going to tame the Bush Admin? Who knows. But it is hard to see how he can continue to prosecute an unpopular war with this kind of bad press every day. It is really staggering how monumentally Bush has screwed up his Admin (to say nothing of the country itself), andx it just gets worse by the day, like a slow motion train wreck. Too bad we can't find a way to jump off the train.

Is White House counsel, Fred Fielding, intentionally hanging Gonzalez through the use of these emails?

Gonzalez probably never imagined that the White House would release all these emails that would show his complicity. It is interesting that the White House did not resist the release on executive privilege grounds.

yo, Ben Brackley:

I don't think it's intentional

ever heard the phrase "if the only tool you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail"

the only tool that fred fielding has is rope

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