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March 16, 2007


Yes. Will I win a bet: Gonzo is a goner in a month?

Reality must be so painful for these people.

that's what the KoolAide is for

reality has a liberal bias

Karma is a bitch

as ye sow shall yea reap

what comes around goes around

the lessons were all there

seems that we're dealing with people who are incapable of learning

Sid: I've got the under on Tuesday.

"Partisan" does not do justice to the malevolent activities of Rove and Gonzalez. Their efforts to create a permanent majority threaten the democratic system.

It's beginning to look a lot like the "Heckuvajob Brownie" ploy with a dash of Rumsfeld 'support' tossed in.

I dunno if Gonzales will be forced out or not. I remember when we were hopeful that Karl Rove would be frog-marched to jail. Didn't happen.

Frankly, I think Gonzales should be jailed for his repeated violations of the Constitution. And that we should return "justice" to the Justice Department.

Gonzales isn't Rove and this isn't pre-Nov 2006.

We should step back and look at what has happened since 2001 when the vote was decided by a supreme court
since that time, this country has changed more than it has in 200 years. We appear to be immune to daily revelations about crimes being committed by the white house staff and willing participants in each branch of the government. We have enough information about a conspiracy, simply by the admissions of witnesses in the Libby trial, not to mention the 200 other investigations that have brought charges or guilty verdicts. This is an unprecedented attempt to seize power in a methodical manner.
It is with great disgust that I watch and see no real activity by congress to actually force compliance with the laws, or shut this government down to stop the criminal activity. They have the power, but all but a very few lack any will to act.
But just so you know that it is politics as usual, I got a request in the mail for money from one of the recently elected representatives. From us this person wants money to wage his re election battle. All ready they have forgotten why they were elected and gone into the "prevent" mode. You can bet that we will see no real action because they got what they wanted by promising us the moon, and delivering a scoop of fertilizer to the front door, in a bag, on fire.
whose going to put out the fire?

Apparently the scandal is still growing -- Josh Marshall has up a video from Pittsburgh, a local TV station, KDKA has raised the question regarding their local USA who apparently was considered a "good bushie" and has been indicting local high profile Democrats right and left, but leaving questions about Republicans in Limbo. If similar questions are raised locally around the country, and provide the basis for something Leahy and friends should address, it may well come to the point that simply greasing the exit of Gonzales will no longer be an adequate response to the problem as we now understand it.

Just the same, I expect Bush to try to cut his losses toward the end of next week. Then his problem will be a replacement who will pass muster with Leahy's Committee -- and that will definately not be a "good bushie" candidate.

I frankly think the truth of all this really goes back to the decision to appoint John Ashcroft as AG in 2001. As Richard Clarke put it, Ashcroft was just dumb -- an extremely slow study on all the things he thought Ashcroft ought to be serious about in the wake of 9/11, and more than willing to take direction from the politicals in the WH as opposed to the real investigative resources he had in DOJ and the FBI. My own guess is that they picked the dumb cluck who lost his senate seat to a dead man because it allowed them to move management of DOJ into the WH, and politicize it. What we are seeing now with Gonzales is an extension of that. If plausable, the confirmation of a replacement ought to be about ending this project.

What I fear is an effort to restore someone like Edward Meese to DOJ -- they did put him on the Baker-Hamilton Commission afterall, from whence came Bob Gates who went to DOD.

I agree that Gonzo can't survive this. Maybe if he were HUD Secretary, but not as Attorney General, the post is just too important. And it's one thing to taint the disbursement of housing funds, and another to taint the whole federal justice system, as these folks have.

But again--who are they going to appoint as his successor? They have apparently brought in James Comey's former COS to be Gonzales' COS. Now Comey would be a good choice for AG, but he's too much of a straight shooter for the Bush people (he appointed Patrick Fitzgerald), who, after all, needed Alberto to keep the bodies buried and bury all the new ones.

I just can't see the Dems approving anyone who isn't going to be independent, and I can't see Bush appointing someone who is. But better a standoff over something like this than the Iraq War.

Not going to be Ed Meese. Not in a million years. He's not a Bob Gates even if they did put him on the B-H Commission.

when gonzales gets dumped - and he will - fully one-third of bush's front line disappears... right now, he's got gonzo, cheney, and rove between him and his own personal waterloo... with gonzo gone, bush has a completely exposed flank... i'm predicting that, when alberto is shown the door, the floodgates will open and the crap that will come flooding out will be staggering...


The question that struck me most during the hearing yesterday was when Ms. Plame was asked whether she was a Republican or Democrat. I was stunned. These people really believe that the entire world can be categorized in this way. It is entirely beyond their comprehension that civil servants throughout the federal government, whether covert or not, take their obligation seriously to serve in the best interest of the country and its citizens. Career civil servants go to work each day genuinely believing their work is to do what is best for the country. Unfortunately, those running the Republican Party (and the country -- for now) believe their primary allegiance is to their party. It is with this skewed loyalty that they rewrite scientific research they don't like, ignore facts that don't fit their preconceived notions, and punish those whose job performance does not serve the interests of their party. Of course, Rove and all his little chums are partisans. Of course, the Republicans on the committee are partisans. But my heart sank all the same, when after a pause Ms. Plame answered Democrat. I wish she had looked that man right in the eye and said American.

The 'equivalence' of Bush's hyper-partisanship (see the Gonzales story) and the 'they all do it' concept that the media and others push is as astounding as it is untrue.

I hope Gonzalez' lying under oath is pursued and he ends up being disbarred.

oldtree --It is with great disgust that I watch and see no real activity by congress to actually force compliance with the laws, or shut this government down to stop the criminal activity. They have the power, but all but a very few lack any will to act.

This is one part of the bitter fruit we will harvest from 6 years of unchecked eavesdropping by Bush. You may be sure that some of those Democrats we are counting on are now being blackmailed, politically or otherwise.

Congressman Jim Traficant of Ohio was convicted of taking bribes, racketeering and filing false tax returns and was expelled from Congress in 2002. He still claims his innocence. He says the FBI guy who brought racketeering charges against him in the '80s (Traficant beat those charges -- the only American defending himself to do ever beat government attorneys in RICO charges) brought the charges in 2002 as a vendetta.

We laughed at Traficant at the time for being so outspoken and flamboyant. Wonder if we jumped to conclusions?

I agree with Pol, with one exception:

I didn't laugh at Traficant because he was "so outspoken and flamboyant". I laughed at Mr Traficant because the guy was wearing the worst rug I've ever seen.

I figure that if a guy would try to lie about being bald, there's no telling what else the guy would lie about

and that rug was the worst lie I've ever seen (meaning the easiest to see thru)

other than the bad rug, I have no reason to doubt that Mr Traficant might be the victim of a bushista political vendetta

and now that I think of it, it DOES seem suspicious that Traficant was the only corrupt politician that bush could find in Ohio. From what I've heard since 2002, you couldn't swing a dead cat in Ohio without hitting a corrupt politician

The rug is real, according to a comment on Wikipedia.

It was noted in connection with his "mug shot" that James wears a toupee. This is, in fact, his own hair. I spent time with Mr. Traficant in Rochester MCI and can attest to his having a full head of hair. M. Peters 12035041

Also, I just found via Daily Kos that ePluribus Media has a list of Democrats who have been investigated since the Bush administration began. They're asking for help finding comments from those Democrats where they state they thought they were being targeted for being Democrats.

Oops. The link for ePluribus Media is

It would be wise for us to now consider the republican party as a criminal enterprise. Their goals are obvious, and we can list conspiracies that we have factual evidence relating to their criminal intent.
it is going to be difficult to put these people in jail, but our country deserves this. There are not enough people in this country to outweigh the majority. One would presume that the majority would want justice done.

Re Jim Traficant's rug:

me thinks that "M Peters 12035041" is a pseudonym, perhaps used by a person incarcerated in a federal prison in White Deer, Pennsylvania. ???

it might be his own hair, but it ain't attached to his head in the normal manner


.some days I just gotta pick the nits

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