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March 26, 2007


Waxman isn't wasting any time, is he? (I'm impressed. Even knowing his reputation, I'm impressed. And I'm so glad he's my representative.)

Oh, lucky you. I mean, it's nice being represented by the Dean, and all. But Waxman rocks.

I can't wait to see the connection between the $140,000 for 'Cheney's office furniture & computers' and the $140,000 (pre-negotiated) for the Duke-Stir. Actually, it's a great name for that boat, considering that now the "Duke" is in "stir"!

Hi Marcy and all,

Here is the Goodling press release and letter to Judiciary Committees. When it rains it pours and pours!


the congressman is thorough, very thorough.

Ah shucks! Virgil Goode might have to put down his corn pone long enough to tell a few more lies and smear a few more brown people.


Waxman must have an energetic, intelligent, conscientious, patriotic staff to match his own exemplary work. We've been waiting a long time for this and by golly Waxman and Company aim to please.

First, that is the same Robb Silberman whose name was bandied about as a possible replacement for Gonzo should one become necessary, isn't it? Does this mean they are gathering evidence as to how he would not have the integrity necessary to be confirmed as AG, should he be nominated? Or is this just a warning volley? Second, how will a congressional investigation affect the charges against Brent Wilkes and Dusty Foggo that were reportedly recently filed in San Diego.

Oh, and great post, EW!

Shame it will take 9 months or longer for Waxman to connect all the dots with real documentation and testimony. Its time someone started to shed light and bring down the Bush/Cheney "trash the constitution" family.

Oversight at last. Six years of Republican connivance and see all the trouble the country is in.

ab initio

Oh, I'm only talking about grand unified themes. He'll get to some good shit in a matter of hours.


Great to see you back with your game face on. I've looked forward to reading this blog every day over the last 2 years and were afraid that Plame Fever had subsided and you were receding back into the Void. Clearly, though, Purge-gate and Waxman's efforts have piqued your interest. Please keep us all attuned.

And thank you.

I'm reading from this flurry of letters that Pelosi is giving Waxman all the resources he needs to conduct his investigations. There are so many pans in this fire, he is going to need a lot of good lawyers to keep the story lines straight and clear. One can only imagine how much behind the scenes work is being carried out. We only see the tip of the iceberg. I think that's why the Washington elite are trying to pass off the talking point that this is just political payback. Theyi are scared shitless of the Waxman. Hode looks like one tough cookie, too, and he's an ex-prosecutor. After the job he did on Knodell, I wouldn't want to be anywhere in the Administrations where he mightset his sights.

Considering we are only three months into the Democratic Congress, I think it's progressing smoothly. What's intriguing to me is the fact the Republicans keep acting like there are no more stones to overturn. As one congressman said, every tree we've looked into has a cat.
It seems that the Peter Principle has culminated in this administration.

Huh? Why didn't Waxman request docs from the Office of the Vice President? i thought the money to buy the furniture, etc., came from OVP. They have their own appropriation, separate from EOP. Whoever cut the req is probably in OVP. I would want to see docs (emails, offers, bids, reqs, etc.) from OVP. I must be missing something.

Booyah! I am so looking forward to seeing this inquiry move forward. Kudos to Waxman's staff.

Waxman ain't a looker, but he is sure a doer. Given a choice between a looker and a doer, I'll pick a doer.

If you get Steny Hoyer on camera, he looks like a politician. Henry Waxman looks like an accountant. But I'll settle for that.

I want to see Waxman put these bums up on tenter hooks and smoke out.

What are the penalties for conducting government business on RNC email accounts and then not retaining the emails?

Wouldn't it be great if the next Administration is left to prosecute this and Rove can't hope for a pardon?

KIT BOND is the Republican ranking member on the intelligence committee? God help the intelligence services of this nation.

Interesting because Byron York is reporting that Lynn Westmoreland is also seeking details related to Valerie's role. Westmoreland is asking for the full text of Valerie's earlier interview with Senate investigators and the full copy of the email where she had described Wilson's qualifications.

> # All contracts, subcontracts, and taks orders between MZM, Inc,
> ... and the Executive Office of the President;

Well, I hope there are similar clauses in there for "the Office of the Vice-President, broadly construed". Because Cheney's minions have already argued that the OVP is separate from the OP and is actually a 4th branch of government.


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