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March 26, 2007


I used to pooh-pooh conspiracy theories until the 2000 election. Now anything seems possible to me. Sad.

These guys are like a barnyard ditch. The shit just keeps flowing.

Or between Rove and Gonzales, or Bush and ?

did I sayyyyyyy something?

If these guys are eating their own I hate to see what the poop will look like. Maybe they will choke too.

These people are clearly disconnected with most of the US, let's hope they wander into big game country and a heroic prosecutor latches on to their every breath.

What's the deal with these boy loving republicans fetishes? And why does it happen when a bush is in office? Anyone remember the 1988 scandal coverup; The Franklin Child Sex Ring Implicating the Bush Whitehouse http://www.voxfux.com/features/bush_child_sex_coverup/franklin.htm

Copying this from a lower post. Man they are dying fast today. I have a couple of dumb questions if anyone cares to entertain them -----

So now Monica Goodling, Gonzales' senior counsel and White House liaison, refuses to testify citing her 5th amendment right.

First, if anyone can clear this up for me. I don't think the Fifth amendment gives you the right not to appear. Shouldn't she have to appear, but take the 5th when questioned? Anyone?

My take on this - Clearly, this woman can and would incriminate others ??? if she testified. She must calculate that the truth is going to come out, or like all good neocons she would just lie. Her taking the 5th is simply a delay tactic.

Is there any reason to belive that the liason actually broke the law? I'm not sure I see the potential for that. I think she's taking the fifth to protect others. Is that not improper use of the fifth. Is she not in a way committing perjury if she takes the fifth to protect others criminal activity rather than her own?

Obviously, I'm not a lawyer. But if she hasn't previously testified (and lied) how might she have broken the law here as a liason?

I'm putting my money on it like this: the decline to prosecute this case is similar to McKay's not prosecuting fake voter fraud in WA in 2004. Political operatives are leaking this case to gauge hypocrisy.

yo, Dismayed, here's some clarity for you

whoever made monica goodling's 5th Amendment protection claim got his law degree from a crackerjacks box

Ask Sharon McDougal how the protections of the 5th Amendment work, and ask her how long you can be incarcerated for Contempt, for an invalid claim of 5th Amendment protections

ms goodling is gonna have to answer the questions (and be exposed as a person who employees an incompetent attorney too)

unless ms goodling wants to provide the specifics of the federal laws she might be in violation of, her claims of 5th Amendment protections is worthless

That's what I thought, and I'm as far from a fucking lawyer as as a goose from a gondola. Yet our fabulous press never asks even the most obvious questions. I'm not kidding, I used to advocate for a guy with an IQ of 79 and he truly asked more intellegent questions than these morons (and that's a clinical term) in the press.

Where did Jerome Corsi get the documents he has linked in his piece at world net? One of the douments is from DOJ and lists the three victims (I am pretty sure they are minors since the corrections facility is for 10-17 year-olds) by name. Is Corsi known, besides his vengence for Kerry, to fake documents?

Maybe Rove has lost his power to control things.

emptywheel: "If the big Texas money--people like Katharine Armstrong, who is friends with Rove but covered it up when Cheney shot an old man in the face--had to choose between Cheney and Rove, who would they chose?"

Well, they go with influence and money. So if they have to choose between Gonzalez and Rove, they choose Rove.

And if the money people have to choose between Cheney and Rove, they choose Cheney.

But, Marcy, the money-flow you're speculating about here leads to the question, is Cheney (or his pals) gunning for both Rove and Gonzalez? Two of George W. 'Tea Lady' Bush's BFF's? And we already know Dick doesn't like Condi.

Are Dick Cheney and minions trying to take down Bush? Or just really, really, isolate him?

Given the above, I think the speculation that Rove is behind the Corsi 'Gonzo protects child molesters' story is more likely. Alternately, I suppose, the Cheney supporters are going after Gonzo, but wanted to throw a warning shot across Rove's bow as well.

If the latter is the case, I wonder why. After all, they can't be *eager* to bring down Rove, the guy orchestrating Republican efforts to jerry-rig voter manipulation going forward.

What do you think?


Good question. This seems to be based on work the Lone Star Project was doing. So maybe THEY got the documents. Or maybe they were, um, given the documents. Why not use a liberal organization to hide your tracks?


As I said, I don't know who's behind this (beyond the fact that it's Corsi, so it stinks). Rove is likely though--it's his MO. But then why doesn't ROve make Bush fire Abu G?

Bush can't fire AbuG. He knows to much and is worthless to everybody else.
I think Rove knows thst he (Rove) is in a heap of trouble.

As a Texas resident, I have to say this is astounding. I'm checking with some well-connected folks to see if there is some backstory we don't know here. There is some real potential for collateral damage in the Republican ranks (including Rick Perry, Governor Blow-Dry as we call him in these parts).


Please let me know. FOr the moment, I'll assume this is an attempt to smear Abu G. BUt I'm open to being convinced he is this corrupt.

Here's the local scuttlebutt. This article isn't about the US Attorney scandal, the problems at the TYC, Gonzales, Rove, Cheney, or Bush. This is all about immigration. Corsi, et. al., have been after Johnny Sutton over the jailing of those two Border Patrol officers. They're just using the scandals du jour (the TYC in Texas and the USA scandal nationally) to make a point. They are playing a very dangerous game. Giving a highly partisan Democratic group the opportunity to attack Gonzales on WorldNetDaily will not endear them to Mr. Rove. The fear of Karl is fading on the Republican side. I'll be very interested to see how this plays out.

Just to put it here too, as I read "toast' on FDL, there was a post that linked corsi and the jailing of the border patrol from some southwestern state. Apparantly this border patrol thing has upset PHD from Harvard Corsi, Geez, how does Harvard turn out these guys? i don't have the time right now to find the post, or I would also post link here. cheers.

It definately amazes me how each week it seems a new scandal pops up... what's the deal here? Is rove gonna eat babies on primetime for an encore?

I found three seperate stories thanks to SOTT on this issue and i linked them all in my livejournal if anyone's interested.

Fascinating, WO.

THough I'm particularly struck by the appearance of BP testifying against Lam. Lam and Sutton both share the honor of being the worst USA for Border Patrol. Lam, of course, prosecuted some BP Agents for getting into the smuggling business themselves.

And I think about how readily the Issa folks had the immigration complaints at hand, just when Lam closed in on Cunningham.

Don't know what to make of it--at all, but it does bear watching.

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