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March 23, 2007


Does this post have an author?

Let me guess! The US Attourney who prosecuted the Griles case gets the "Loyal Bushie" imprimtur from the offices of Kyle Sampson et al. Or, is it that, like the prosecutor in the big tobacco case we heard from yesterday, the political wing of the Justice Department started to throw its weight around and reduced the charges (like toning down the witnesses against tobacco), and meted out a fairly fluffy penalty (10 months in jail, a lot like 10 billion, not 130 billion). I'm shocked!

It will be interesting to see McCain's response to this. His hearings involving testimony from Griles were revealing.

Yup--it's me, fixed.

Does this post have an author?
Posted by: Melanie | March 23, 2007 at 11:07

My newsreader shows this byline: By emptywheel

Apparently the judge has yet to accept the plea deal. Any good citizen lawyers (or public interest groups) around to ask the court to review the deal with an eye toward demanding cooperation of Griles in the investigation for the public good against the background of the USA scandals? That's done now and then, isn't it?

Who knew the entire political system could be subverted so quickly? Without the majority noticing that anything was amiss? Those founding fathers were clearly too optimistic about human nature.

DoJ, the Supremes, ...I get queasey even getting the thought, but is anybody, and unfortunately I am serious here, thought about the Army? Is it beyond these people to...

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