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February 04, 2007


Hallelujah! Someone with a decent haircut has finally expressed this in a way David Kurtz isn't embarrassed to believe!

The conclusion are correct, but pardon me if I can't help myself from issuing a big "F. you" to Kurtz for wasting valuable time tut-tutting all these years at the "left-wing radicalism and Oliver Stone conspiracies" that had it right all along.

(Just look to the right.)

There's an article in this week's New Yorker 2/5 (Boomtown Blues by Fuller)about the gas business in Dead-eyed Dick's home state of Wyoming. The same
m o Lotsa money being made by the energy companies and lotsa destruction... personal and environmental. It all started as soon as DarthVader was appointed VP in 2000.

there are millions that bear the blame
thousands that are involved in war profiteering and that enjoy death being meted out
there are hundreds hiding lies and obstructing justice
there are scores that have committed crimes against humanity with their conspiracies
there are dozens that have committed treason
there are a handful that control this.
there is not just one to blame. there are many


a voice in the wilderness?

Oh, Jodi for the love of God. Anyone with two wits to knit knows Cheney is running the show. I've been calling him president Cheeny since they took office, and yes, that was the plan when they put George in the Gov's office here in Austin. George ran knowing Dick would take care of everything. Hell, he hardly bothered coming to work his first year in office, spent most of his time at the ranch up the road here.

How do they keep George in line? I doubt it's difficult. For one thing I'm pretty sure George would piss his pants if Cheney looked at him the wrong way. George is like a little bitty guy with a big mouth and a huge friend. George knows damn good and well that Dick is the one with all the connections, and that Dick would bury him if George thought of challenging him in any way. This is and has always been a puppet presidency. George tells himself it's a partnership, but he never tests his percent control for fear of facing the truth that he knows.

You want to shut down this administration, start cutting off Dick's tentacles. If major media wants to sell some papers, this is the story to work.

Our country is privately owned and operated by Bush@Company. We, the public, are expected to support it and to keep our mouths shut.

What I'd like Congress to say to Darth:

If you won't make this information public, we'll assume they're working on stuff that's illegal or not part of the official (Constitutional) duties of the VP, and we'll stop funding those positions. We'll also make sure that your office is investigated for illegal/unConstitutional activities.

For a real eye opener on How the OVP runs things with the iron fist, and exactly how far his tenacles reach in all things foreign and national security go to an article linked from TPM:
"Vice Squad" by Robert Dreyfus in The American Prospect dated 5-03-06
It outlines an even deeper meaning of unitary executive, an incredably scary , efficient, completely undemocratic functioning of the entire federal government apparatus. GWB is a totally inconsequencial figure beyond the 'face' of the President.
Cheney is the maestro with a staff of enforcers.

Sandbar - I read Vice Squad. I agree it's a must read. It brings the murky syndicate that is the OVP into better focus.

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