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February 14, 2007


Always interesting.

I look forward to your posts.

I like Franken. I wish him well.

Story just posted in the New York Times regarding the Libby trial bloggers. (The paper of record mentions 'Anatomy of Deceit.')

Good NYT story :)

New York Times, nice :)

Yes, but can he get the Norwiegan bachelor farmer vote

Didn't franken attend Blake school/ Anyway, I think he will screw it up. Votte Ciresi


Here in Minnesota, we can hardly wait. We have been waiting breathlessly to kick that phony formerly-New York-Jewish-liberal-Democrat now born again-Christian-right wing-conservative-Republican Norm Coleman to the curb. Quick, before the snake can make his next transition.

Fifth attempt to post response, for some reason only on TNH IE is not working for me.

I don't remember Franken as part of the Blake Crowd, I do remember him as the teenager he was from St. Louis Park, who was with the politicals hanging around Riggs Cafe and all when Humphrey was VP and Gene McCarthy was running against Lyndon, and the DFL was having a nervous breakdown. Remember, he left for Harvard in 1968 -- so he was only around summers and holidays after those times. But he was around.

Norwegian Bachelor Farmers will, my guess, take their political lead from the last Norwegian Senator from Minnesota, and Mondale did endorse Franken in December of 2005. They have been -- if not noticed, been doing joint appearances for at least a year in the county DFL Dinners and fairs and all. But since Garrison invented them, maybe one should ask him.

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