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February 25, 2007


I'm still pondering the ramifications of those directives to close the schools in the event of a pandemic. With schools closed and no community care possible (avoid groups) one parent will have to be at home with kids. There goes the workforce. The idea that there could be severe disruptions becomes really plausible. We're getting a gas grill to double as summer and emergency cooking.

Wringing out "overcapacity" to protect the bottom line, gutting public health to provide for tax cuts. I sure hope the rich enjoy themselves in a world where there is no one left to do the work.

it is for that reason that the guidelines for two weeks worth of food water and meds needs to be 'at least' 2 weeks. Some think more. Don't be surprised if it (official advice) changes.

My grandfather was in the army during the flu pandemic in 1918. The story he told us as kids: In his unit, when you caught the flu, they sent you to the infirmary. He went to the infirmary as ordered, got one look at the conditions - wall-to-wall sick people, vomit, diarrhea, and other effluents everywhere - and decided to go AWOL.

He found a boarding house, rented a room, bought himself a bunch of non-perishable groceries (not that he could hold much down, but he made himself eat anyway), kept to himself, took a lot of baths, and slept for 2 weeks. When he felt better, he decided he needed to turn himself in. He returned to base, and it turned out so many in his unit had died that they simply assumed he had died, too, and the paperwork just hadn't come through yet. He was given an administrative slap on the wrist.

anonymous, thanks for that.

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