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February 16, 2007


I guess the other way of reading it is that some time ago we reached the point where a colossal failure of the Bush Presidency is simply not news.

In a way that a sick tragedy involving Anna Nicole Smith is not?

It is not news to me, emptypockets.

Still, Kagro X, you shouldn't bring that poor diseased manipulated lady Anna Nicole into this.

I think that a mention of Britney or Lindsay for your purposes is ok though.

Excuse me.

"deceased" not "diseased."

I'd say Anna Nicole is exactly the apt parallel of the moment.

Why do you talk to me, you clown?

diseased is correct! Alcoholism and chemical dependency are in fact diseases.

The people know Bush is lying. And they also know the press won't tell them the truth.

Here's what they believe: those unphotographed boxes covered with American flags are telling the truth. That is what is really happening...and WE THE PEOPLE want it to stop.

We're angry at Bush & his cronies for creating and sustaining this carnage; and we're dubious of the Democrats...will they have the guts and ability to stop it?!

Apparently it doesn't matter whether you are a Republican who voted Saturday for the resolution, or a Democrat who voted for it both times in the Senate, both Norm Coleman and Amy Kloubuchar are getting a piece of everyone's minds at scheduled town meetings. They are getting raw anger over the failure to have debate. These Greater Minnesota Counties where meetings were scheduled over the weekend, are the small rural ones, the ones that largely contribute to the 2500 strong national guard outfit currently in Iraq. It is guard families and small townsfolk and farmers who are mad as hell. The folk are showing up with E-Mail from Iraq and reading it raw -- and then when they comment, it gets more raw. Given my checking, these are all Republican rural counties, this is not the mad students of draftable age during the 60's. I really don't know that the National Press is capable of reporting small town America, but what I am seeing reported, it is going code Red.

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