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January 08, 2007


The DOJ assumes the Dems will actually respond to their requests, unlike Repubs. They're probably right.

However, that deadline is a bit harsh for the large amount of records (I'm assuming) they've requested. Is the DOJ up against statute of limitations in these cases? Why the rush? The Dukester ain't going anywhere.

That's a good explanation in a vacuum, anyway. If the DOJ assumes (and is right) that Dems will actually respond to their requests, then why subpoena?

And if they assume that Dems will respond and Republicans won't, then why not see if maybe the US Attorney for San Diego can find a microphone some time during the nine month span in which they've been seeking these documents? And maybe pipe up about GOP intransigence?


Obviously this is just the beginning of a long war of obstruction. Pretty creative, I must admit...setting the Dems up to look bad on Cunningham's crookedness.

I see Rove's and Gonzalez' fingerprints all over this one.

Absolutely, I agree with Creeper!

Yep. Thing for them is, though, they can't hvae that many of those arrows in the quiver.

Between this kind of thing and the willingness of Bush to destabilize the Horn of Africa while still courting disaster in two three different places in Western Asia, I'd say that everybody's pretty near all in, though it's not yet being acknowledged widely.

"keep their eye on the Iraq ball"

Can Obey serve on a committee now or is it like the Plame subpeona's banned for five years after being served. Can they do this to Dingell too and get a good start? Pelosi too, we need the money for Iraq!

My understanding per TPM Muckraker is that they tried to get documents from the Congress last month, but met with a cold shoulder. The real culprit seems to be the CIA, which is stonewalling subpoenas because some of their current and former officer, including executive director Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, are targets of the ongoing investigation. See the article in TPM Muckraker By Justin Rood - January 9, 2007, 10:01 AM. Here's the link:


While the deadline appears a bit harsh, I'll note in my non-expert opinion that some materials require a subpoena instead of a letter requesting information. At this point I don't know which side is right, the "they're interfering with the Dem agenda" crowd or the "they're finally able to get something" crowd - the information's scant enough that Occam's razor creates two big chunks of equal size.

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