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January 30, 2007


Bush and Cheney need to be isolated as quickly as possible, and as many of their toys taken away as possible. They are contemplating war with Iran, despite what Bush says, when the public has already turned against the Iraq War (and probably would against the Afghan War if they really knew what was happening).

Bush ideologues are trying to tighten their grip on supposedly independent federal regulatory agencies and Abu Gonzales says we don't have a constitutional right to habeas corpus. These are bad days, and it is fast becoming the duty of every American to resist in whatever way is open to them, and to encourage and support the resistance by members of Congress.

Meanwhile, the military wants a new people, because the one they have isn't supporting their war.

Bad days indeed.

The trial.
The nuclear assasination in UK.
Domestic economic pressures.

Did you catch the point in the interview where Bush claimed nuclear power is "renewable"?

And what kind of technologies? Well, if you're really interested in global warming and climate change, then it seems like to me that we ought to promote technologies to advance the development of safe nuclear power. It's a renewable source of energy, and at the same time has no emissions to it.

I can't bear to hear our president talk, especially when he's not speechifying. It's too painful. It's the same reason I can't watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or American Idol. Shame on NPR for ruining my drive home yesterday with this idiot.

It turns out that Libby did in fact inquire as to Plame's status. What is the difference between knowingly exposing the identity of a NOC and knowingly exposing the identity of a CIA officer whom you very well know could be NOC?

The NSA(DOD) charter is not going to be renewed and rumor is they will do the same thing with VOA, so can PB be far away? NPR doesn't need government funding, but it's base and who they use is usually government. So, Bush is losing his toys.

Plame was operating as a CIA ooperations officer, paramilitarily trained, in a NATO country and they may have requested a reason for a WMD expert running around without anyone but Woolsey trying to explain on TV what she was doing there. Joe, wasn't there, but I saw a real cool silver Jag do a u turn and hang around last night, but, maybe it's the fertitility thing..........joke!

What's up with the non-binding sense of the Senate resolution? I heard that there are not enough votes for the Biden-Hagel resolution to prevent a filibuster.

Not that any of these resolutions matter. Probably the best the Sentate should do is rescind the AUMF for Iraq and pass a new resolution that the Administration cannot engage militarily with Iran without Congressional approval. That at least will have this out in the open. Not that it will stop Bush/Cheney as all they care is "revolution" in the middle east.

There's a sidebar column in the NYTimes today (print edition; can't find it on-line) that is a short-memoried "where are they now" for Congresspeople who lost their seats last November: who's teaching, who's writing a book, who's chairing the DLC, how they're all keeping busy now. I think the former Senators and Representatives ought to start a group blog.

The sad news that Barbaro was put down yesterday after a long moving struggle to get well is a worthwhile time to mention the bill to reform slaughter of horses for meat in the U.S. -- I don't know the details well, and I think there is something for everyone to dislike in it, but protecting wild horses in the West and making sure that those in captivity are treated humanely is something no one should be arguing with.


On horse slaughter, I've heard suggestions that they'd be treated better if horsemeat was declared fit for human consumption: they'd come under the same kind of regulations as cattle and sheep, which cover things like feeding, watering, and exercise. Note that I'm not advocating eating them, only that there's a regulatory way to deal with this, rather than writing another law. (And I'd hoped they got a sample from Barbaro to keep him in the gene pool. Dressage and jumping don't have the 'natural mating' fetish of the Jockey Club.)

PJ Evans, Most of the horsemeat (at least according to the campaign) is sold for human consumption abroad -- but I guess our regulatory agencies don't have authority over food not eaten in the US even if it's produced here? I have no idea how this works.

In any case I think there's an argument to be made that there should be laws to protect animal welfare as a matter of civic responsibility, and keeping the food supply uncontaminated is a separate matter (it happens that treating them well probably helps the food supply, but treating animals well is a reasonable thing to advocate in and of itself).

I heard that Barbaro will have a brother born shortly (and has a number of half-brothers and sisters) so his genes are still in the pool I suppose. Good horse.

How about this: Front page of the WSJ yesterday was about Cheney abusing political connections to give sewage cleanup jobs to companies who gave him political donations. Haven't seen anything bloggy about it yet, but it looks like a cash-for-contracts scandal tied directly to the veep...

Here's the link to the WSJ Cheney story.

Sheep are sapient.

Actually it seems quite easy to ignore Juan Williams's interview because it was largely a non-event. The president's responses were as feeble and disingenuous as ever, something Williams showed little stomach for changing. Some have been highlighting the exchange between Williams and the president regarding Bush's use of 'Democrat' rather than 'Democratic' in the SOTU. When the president said it was not intentional, however, Williams did not even follow up, to find out if the president was willing to apologize for a slight he now claims he hadn't intended.

Meanwhile, Williams could have done a real service by asking the president about his broken promise to fire anyone involved with the Plame leak and what he will do if as testimony in the Libby trial indicates Cheney was deeply involved with the leaking of Plame's name.

You might be interested in the new outbreaks of avian flu here in Japan. There have been three separate incidents on chicken farms in Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu and now another outbreak less than 30 miles (50 km) from my home in Okayama. The incidents are apparently unrelated, and speculation is that migratory birds, probably from China, are spreading it. The Okayama outbreak (some thirty-five dead chickens, I think, resulting in the disposal of some 12,000 chickens in all and an embargo on shipping chickens or eggs from any farms within 10 km of the infected site) was the lead story two days running on the evening news, NHK (state-owned) and privately-owned stations. The government is asking chicken farmers to use even finer nets around their chicken shacks (I know there must be a more appropriate term for the modern practice of factory farming) to prevent "even a sparrow" from entering.
No human contraction, as of yet.

very interested, thanks!

see the flu wiki news reports and the CDC press conference coming thursday.



"I didn't even know I did it."

Lying sack of...

"I'm a dick. What do you want from me?"

Anyone else interested in the strange coincidence that Capt. Freeman, who had talked openly to Sens. Kerry and Dodd about the mess in Iraq, happened to be among the 5 US soldiers killed in the weird hit-job last weekend, which is being characterized on NBC Nightly News and surely other places as an Iranian sponsored attack because of it's precision. I'd at least be wondering whether it was a black operation run by our own private contactors? Two things then--the weird coincidence, and the "Remember the Maine" type reporting.


I wondered about that too, because Dodd mentioned how Capt. Freeman said that it wasn't just him, the guys there with him had the same concerns. And then they get executed?

And how convenient that they can blame the hit on Iran - just like they smear Osama and blame Hilary. I know that's a lame comparison, but they have a history of this crap.

Remember the first Anthrax attack? Scared the crap out of Congress, got the Patriot Act pushed thru without any real examination and then the only guy they ever picked up as a potential suspect was the one expert who could discredit their claims. Once they ruined his credibility, they dropped him, dropped the investigation and here we are years later and they aren't even looking for the Anthrax killer. But then, why would they?

It isn't like they even really try to hide the crimes they commit, we just don't really want to believe they are actually that evil. We better start facing it.

the note! the note! the note! "this pres." you blogged it yesterday, but only semi-disgraced jason leopold seems to have noticed its significance.

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