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January 03, 2007


Just the sort of folks you'd need to circle and disarm Bush (with the advice and consent of Congress, of course).

and does this also correspond to his trying to have all the military sent out of our country to other ones?
what does that suggest? answer, many things.

My father who is very high ranking has gone from saying nothing to saying that bad decisions have been made but never names anyone.
He was to have retired but has stayed in to help with the wounded. Mom says he sometimes cries over the phone when he speaks of the broken bodies and lives.

My older brother in his 3rd plus tour is as stoic as any Spartan. He tries to never let mom or grandmom or me, or my little sister see him not smiling, but I see him when he doesn't know I am watching.


My marine friend will be back in April, I hope. no guarantees.

I can't believe I'm posting THIS on a political blog. I can't help it. It needs to be done.


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