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January 07, 2007


our government employees having a celebratory dinner prior to the execution, doesn't sound out of bounds. can you imagine the toasts that were made? who would be pleased at mass murder? who would celebrate?
and the idea that iraq is a war? why do we of this early 21st century not understand the meaning of war? did we forget? wars are the result of failed diplomacy and are (in last 100 years) thought of to be bad, and all parties do their best to end them as soon as possible. this is not a war. it is a land grab that hasn't worked out real well.
why would they continue to act as though above the law? why would they deny document production, and in some cases deny that the documents exist at all? Why would they deny events occurred? can't do that unless you are sure you have the only copy of the video that shows what happened. they kill the witnesses.
these people don't do anything unless it is good for their pockets. renewable energy is not good, can't control it. note that in some places, american companies have bought the water rights, all the water rights, in foreign nations. The rights to the rain that falls people, all the water. how do you feel about that? think it won't happen here?

our country is clearly run by organized crime. if the libby trial does go on as scheduled, millions that are still in doubt or denial are going to have a chance to see for themselves. there can't be any good to come from this trial for the people in power. and as such, I find it hard to believe that the trial will ever begin.

on thing we must encourage though, allow the putz to replace the competent with the non. condi to replace dick? good. she is so deep in the conspiracy that she will spend the remainder of her life in jail, if not executed. when you hear about the replacement of VP by someone not among their circle, you know what is coming next. pardons.

it is at this time when, we, the people, may join in some kind of unity and demand action. some will ask for "healing" and be apologetic, and say it won't happen again. those people will be our enemies. traitors that want the status quo for their own personal gain. remember, there is a huge percentage of people in this country that live by bribery and coercion. It is used upon them in their daily lives, and they do it to others below them as a result of it being "the way it is"

the "way it is" is what must change.

The American push back was complicated by the absences of Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and the top American military commander, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., who were both out of Iraq on leave.

Sorry, empywheel, but as anybody who has ever worked as a Federal employee knows, you NEVER call a person at home when he/she is on "annual" or "sick" leave. Ya just don't. Nothing is that important. Ya just wait until that employee comes back from leave. If it IS that important, you just go to that employee's supervisor for assistance. That's just the way it is in Federal employment.

Oh, and by the way: In Phoenix, 10 time zones away, General Casey was monitoring the exchanges in signals traffic from Baghdad. Why is a General monitoring the stoplights in Baghdad - too much rush hour traffic getting backed up at red lights????? (Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we're having difficulties in Iraq - generals are fucking around with the stoplights in Baghdad rather than managing the war!)

Actually Casey is not retiring. He has been nominated for Secretary of the Army. Which is odd when you think about it.

Le Jackel, I believe Casey is to be the Army Chief of Staff (military commander of the entire army), the Secretary of the Army would be a civilian position.
In the Bush administration the price of failure is... promotion.

clueless: ha ha ha, that's a great post. Don't call federal employees on holiday leave! ha ha ha ha. Have you ever had Kaiser Permanente health care? Their admin staff works the same way- nothing gets done between thanksgiving and new years, because even though the peons might be there, enough managers are on vacation that nobody can make a decision about anything.

Too bad for Saddam that Iraq isn't actually just a US colony, or your post about federal gov't work habits might have saved his life.

Petraeus is the new Casey, and Casey is the new Schoonmaker. One assumes Petraeus wouldn;t take the job without direct access to the President, no?

Put this together with the rumors that Negroponte went to State to be next in line for the Secretary's job when Condi becomes . . . ta da! Vice President after Cheney resigns due to ill health. Discussed here as well.


Yes, but how many thuggish executions until Petraeus develops a close (read, imposing) relationship with Maliki?

Saddam's execution was a clusterfuck, so what's new ???

george bush has a perfect record in Iraq

It's a complete clusterfuck, right up to the Commander In Chief

the good news is that supporting the troops no longer includes supporting the Commander In Chief's foolish idea of escalation

so support our troops

oppose clusterfuck george every chance you get

'Wheel: Maybe Maliki will be out before he has time to develop a relationship with Petraeus.

Here's an interesting take on the need to deal with insurgents and the possibility of an alliance between al-Sadr and the Sunni insurgents to get of both Maliki and us.

Hugely OT - But I was wondering if you saw this, emptywheel:

Intel: A Writer's Blocked

Jan. 15, 2007 issue - A CIA panel has told former officer Valerie Plame she can't write about her undercover work for the agency, a position that may threaten a lucrative book project with her publisher. Plame's outing as a CIA officer in July 2003 triggered a criminal probe that culminates next week when Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby goes on trial for perjury and obstruction.


Man, I hope her lawyers are able to work this out.

signals traffic has nothing to do with traffic lights. The only person who could have stopped this is GWB, not Casey.

The inadvertent humor in the piece is Casey giving an off the cuff lecture on international law.

I guess Maliki could have mentioned the US officer on the indictment list in Italy and the multiple European investigations and the British coroner's finding of illegal killing by US forces and the Dilawar death and GITMO and the special Rumsfeld units and Bagram and buying people in Pakistan and the Chinese Uighurs and Abu Ghraib and white phosphorus and domestic propaganda and perhaps he could even have suggested that instead of hanging Hussein the would instead stuff him into a sleeping bag to partly suffocate at intervals over several days and beat him over those same days until the torture eventually takes its toll and he dies --- but they will give the torturers a 60 day ankle bracelet home arrest in the Green Zone, near the pool, in accordance with the US concepts of International Law.

signals traffic has nothing to do with traffic lights

SharonW: it was supposed to be a joke!

OTOH, for as goofy as this Administration is - maybe it's NOT a joke!

Actually Casey is not retiring. He has been nominated for Secretary of the Army. Which is odd when you think about it.

But it does keep him quiet, unless he decides actually to resign. I'm not sure what the consequences for him would be of resigning when he has a new set of orders pending.

That is--it suggests Khalilzad is the one who sided with the Iraqis. ...

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