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January 10, 2007


I'll be curious to learn just how large his audience is. My intuitive sense is that most people have simply tuned the guy out. They hope they sent him a message in November; they hope maybe the new Congress can help get the country back on an even keel; they don't want to listen to GWB anymore and they don't assume he is capable of saying anything that will make a difference in Iraq. (Polling seems to support the last point.) One way to begin to measure this is whether more people actually watch tonight's performance than tend to watch the State of the Union speech. Last year we guessed the latter number was around one third of Americans. Will he get anything like that tonight, or is this big announcement just transient noise?

Here's the most telling part of the WaPo article:

Although the president was publicly polite, few of the key Baker-Hamilton recommendations appealed to the administration, which intensified its own deliberations over a new "way forward" in Iraq. How to look distinctive from the study group became a recurring theme.

As described by participants in the administration review, some staff members on the National Security Council became enamored of the idea of sending more troops to Iraq in part because it was not a key feature of Baker-Hamilton. One senior administration official disputed that, arguing that staff members were attracted to the "surge" option to address long-standing concern that earlier efforts failed because of insufficient security forces.

Bush won't engage in diplomacy or reduce troop strength in Iraq because that's what the ISG recommended. He disdained talk of terrorism before 9/11 because that was what Clinton's people said was important. It's all about George and his tender ego and it always has been. What a disaster, and what a bunch of sad sycophants the people are in DC who can't see this or worse, can but won't voice it.

These numbers are amazing. If '08 came right now Dems would have a 2/3 majority in both houses.

The smartest things the Repubs could do right now is organize the impeechment of this president with a Moderate Repub replacement for 'the good of the party'. Short of that Bush is going to flush the whole party before it is done, and though I don't like the means, the ends suit me just fine.


the first thing I learned when I was playing basketball in Junior High, that statistics and numbers didn't matter once the game started. The second thing was that once started the game played until the final horn.

Bush has 2 more years. He is going to go with his latest strategy until, ..., the final horn.

The Democrats need to support the Iraqi effort so that they are not accused of hurting the soldiers just in order to wreck Bush's plan. (This will be a bitter pill for the very liberal and the left.)

The Democrats need to spend their time attempting at least to pass good legistation that the people want and see a need for.

The Democrats need to set the standard as far as ethics are concerned. (Jettison some baddies at least in the House. Set some examples.)

The Democrats need to show that they are reducing the lobbyists roll in government.

The Democrats have two years to ignore the numbers and play the game.

On another note, DemFromCT, did you notice (or course you did) the President mentioning your "prick" Senator from CT?

And more importantly, I hope your Marine friend somes back whole.

I'm stunned we haven't had a new post since shrub's speech, not to interested in Nancie's Catholic school manerisms. I'm noticing more and more little bits about Iran and Hezbolla in the news. Am I just being super tuned, or is the propoganda machine firing up. Shrub's comments about Iran and Syria really stood out to me during his speech. Other than that about what we expected. What's this crap about we were hamstrung before now. Was that just BS to make it sound like there is actually a dynamic shift in the new plan. Or was that code for saying we're going to go roll some heads.

Jodi, you seem okay, but sometimes I think you're high when you post. I generally agree with most of your broad statements above, but the Dems should NOT support this latest move. They should pass their symbolic rubuke, while presenting a detailed alternate plan. But should no block any funding just yet. Bush would work around it anyway. In six months we'll be able to put a pole up shrub's ass, and the dems wouldn't be able to achieve any real-world results before then anyway. Tell George to stay away from the rope, then let him have just enough more to hang himself, then snap that neck. Pull funding now and it will allow the neocons to muddy the water just enough in six months to swim into a whole. Rebuke and allow now and he will cook his goose for good in clear water.

neither Dems nor Rs are suipporting this move. Everyoine is deserting him. reid has the votes (at least 8 R votes) in the Senate for a non-binding rebuke.

Bush is alone. He's rattling sabres over Iran now.

Jodi, you don't get to shoot your parents and then claim mercy because you're an orphan. Any President who makes such catastrophic mistakes needs to be checked, not supported.

My marine buddy is back mid-March along with some others. Most of his unit won't be coming with him. They can't.

Jesus, even Israel has rebuked this latest move. I mean to tell you this dumb fuck is truly standing alone. When is he going to figure out that Dick is driving him down the road to hell. I honestly can't believe that he is THIS isolated. I mean every time I set an expectation they find a way to underperform. You know Demfrom, I'm starting to think we're going to see some major moves to remove this administration. Any fool can see that standing with these guys is like holding hands with the tar baby.

And I still stand by my ealier dire predictions of them moving toward moving on Iran. Without major intercession from I don't know who, congress I guess. They are going to pull something. Unreal. This is way worse than Nixon. Nixon was never this lost on reality.

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