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December 09, 2006


Not the last, alas. Only the latest.

Very moving, MB. Thanks. It recalls that issue of LIFE magazine that had all the pictures of the American servicemen killed in one week in Vietnam.

While many people have compared the situation now to 1968, and commented that even after Tet we had 6 years of war and tens of thousands more Americans killed, I do not think that will at all happen here. Bush will never admit defeat, but he is slowly being encircled. Senator Gordon Smith's (R-OR, up in 2008) Senate speech is a harbinger. When the Congress comes back there will be more, lots more. What do you think they are going to hear when they get back home?

What's more, the military will begin quietly pulling people out and reducing combat. Unfortunately, that seems to mean that the ""unleash the Shia" option which Laura Rozen wrote about a couple of weeks ago is coming to pass, and that may be what Bush told Hakim. We help empower the Badr brigades to defeat both the Sadr Mahdi Army and the Sunnis. Not something I'd want our folks to be a part of, and maybe the military will revolt on that.

Not soon enough, not nearly soon enough, but we are at the beginning of the end. Just don't expect Bush to ever acknowledge that. By 2008 he may even find himself more and more in Crawford, as no one wants him to campaign and no one wants him anywhere near the government.

I will repeat something I said a while back: this war is going to kill McCain's chances to be president.

The release of the report by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group this week exposed deep fissures among Republicans over how to manage a war that many fear will haunt their party — and the nation — for years to come...

Moderates are urging a major shift in policy, while many conservatives are denouncing the new report as an unacceptable retreat.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain of Arizona, a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, has staked out a muscular position on Iraq, calling for an immediate increase in American forces to try to bring order to Baghdad and crush the insurgency.

Other potential Republican candidates for the presidency will also, inevitably, have to take a stand in light of the report and risk antagonizing major parts of the Republican constituency, even before they face the electorate at large.


Good post Mem. I think you are right about McCain, Dem. I think this right wing bluster is going to kill all Repub chances in 08. They have to appeal to a bunch of closed minded idiots with a position that won't play to the general public to get throught the primaries. Looks to me like rush and his ilk are going to run that ship completely into the ground, and that's good news to me. Fuck 'em all.

Funny, I also commented that nothing is going to marginalize McCain faster than his pro-war sentiments. That, and his age.

I'm really sorry to belong to the only generation in American History that failed to have one of its own elected President, but I think our chances died with RFK, and if McCain and Lieberman are the best we can do now, and after Clinton and Bush, I'm starting to think we should jump a generation and start looking at someone born in the 1960s.

Mimikatz, there's always Martin Sheen from your generation. But if it's gotta be somebody from the '60, how about George Clooney? Or, since it's time for a woman, Courteney Cox is a '60s child. And she finagle her born-in-the-South heritage to wangle some votes from the once-were-Dems Rebel bumpersticker crowd.

This in a video/song tribute to McMahon - last GI to die in Vietnam.


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