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December 06, 2006


I'm sorry to hear you've been relegated to the crate...

great post, elwell. good girl.

Our white rescue Sibe, Axel, is too cool for TV. He won't bark at *anything*. More to the point, the kind of dog people have is telling. The worst Ch of the Bd I ever knew had black labs that were his personal slaves. He had a similar attitude towards his shareholders. If he had had a real dog, the kind with a mind of its own, LIKE A HUSKY!!!, he would have been a better person. And had a more beautiful, interesting dog as well.

Set 'em up Sara. Trader Joe pig's ears all 'round!

Elwell (and Sara), you had me at "Siberian husky"—and I'm a cat person—but that last paragraph is absolutely boffo!

Careful now, Argonaut, some of us here are great lovers of black (Millenia)Labs. Though mine certainly has a mind of his own.

He displayed his latest new trick a few weeks ago, when the Lab from down the street was staying the weekend. You see, my dog, McC likes to walk himself--take the leash in his own mouth and prance about proudly (he'll give the leash back if something scary comes, though). So after Cole re-learned to walk on a leash that weekend, McC started asking for Cole's leash, rather than his own. There McC was, walking his buddy from down the street. And Cole, who is a very sweet guy, never even noticed. A much more sophisticated way of enforcing pack dominance than humping the another dog, you know.

Thanks Elwell, sorry about the crate. I have very little to add to your erudite and immensely readable post, but since you brought up Sara's connection to the Salem Witch hunts, I might have something. IIRC, Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE was based on the Salem Witch Hunts as a response to Elia Kazan's ON THE WATERFRONT. Perhaps most surprising to me are reports that Miller's wife, Marilyn Monroe, was paramount in its writing, because of her financial support.

Emptywheel, yes, I should not have taken such a broad swipe at labs. My cousin had one that was totally out of control - a super criminal of dogdom. The ones I was talking about were kept outside, never inside (in CT!) and were trained gun dogs. All their intelligence was keyed to obedience. Anyone who has a husky knows that this is an impossible dream for the "owner". IOW, it's a lot more like real life with humans, or possibly with a 60 lb. cat. It's chaos theory covered with two coats of hair.

Well now, this explains why Sara is a good person: she is a veteran Siberian Husky mom.

argonaut wrote, ``It's chaos theory covered with two coats of hair.''. Well in my experience it depends on how old: most Sibes over three years old are pretty calm, it's those teenagers that are wild and crazy.

Dear Elwell--
U R so right on. Screwing (if u mean having sex w/ and that never was a nice way of describing that function for ANY species) pooches is for other pooches to do, not for us to do, or even advocate. And Bush is not a dog, he clearly is a male human, and as such more closely deserves the epithet of ASSHOLE.
The reason I even write this comment is that I am a human who has always loved and when I could cared for the canine species... we humans are disrespectful enough when it comes to describing members of our own species and we must stand firm (draw the line!) when it involves the disrespect of ALL species. We have a lot of nerve thinking we are the only intelligent (or even civilized) species in this world... so yes, Elwell, U R right, we apologize for the rest of those assholes... and WE love you, regardless of what THEY say and think.

John Casper -- one of the reasons I was not inducted into the National Honor Society as a Junior was because during the 1950's, the Nominating committee noticed that I had gotten a role in "The Crucible" in the local theatre guild, and while I offered some of the same possibilities and skills in the productions of Junior Class Play and the High School Musical -- I determined that even in the midst of McCarthyism, I would do a role in Miller's play. I mean even after I had made clear my link to the last woman to be arrested in the Salem Witch Trials -- good god my family had the documents -- the Vice Principle made sure it hurt me. So I have a dog named for Dutch Elwell -- that is what is critical.

Thus the Vice Principle of my High School deemed me wrong for the National Honor Society. When he tried to stop sending my transcript to my choice of college, I sued the idiot. (this was in the 50's). Yes, I am an Antiochian at a time it was hard to get in (something like 5-1 in 1957) and he told the court he would not send my transcript because the students there did not wear shoes. (Good lord, I like thick socks and shoes, and no one ever was concerned. -- What's more, Elwell comments cement and asphalt are awful abrasion compounds compared to the household rugs, and the regular trips to the doggie manacure salon.

For those who are concerned about crates -- forget it. If you are born in one, and learn to adjust to one when you are say five weeks old, it is fine, it is security, it is your place. When Sara says -- "Crate" I go and move in. The reason is she has to fire up the car and do errands. (sometimes hunting Dog food), When she comes home and opens up, she usually remembers the need of a cookie.

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