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December 20, 2006


If you are correct, and there seems to be no other good explanation, this shows how desperate Libby is right now. He is banking on a mostly African-American Washington, D.C. jury buying Cheney's lies. That is a Hail Mary, for sure.

oh yeah...Big Time Dick has great credibility with the American People right now. What was he was saying about nuclear weapons, Iraqi contacts with al Qaida, last throes, etc...

Good plan Scooter.

OMG. If this is accurate, I have only three words: Bring. It. On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe Fitzpatrick deliberately did not call Cheney as a witness. He has no interest in getting into an executive privilege battle with the WH. Wells took the bait so far. Bush/Cheney may still raise executive privilege, which of course they would win. At that point, Libby can cry foul because he is being denied "best evidence" as Cheney to support his defense. I doubt that Cheney will ever see the courtroom in 2007, but I will gladly eat those words with the soda and popcorn as I watch the trial.

Found a website with pictures from the July 12, 2003 meeting in Sun V, ID; some folks from inside the beltway were out of town that day attending the retreat.

This is the most convincing speculation about Team Libby's motives I've seen so far.

Does this put pressure on Fitz to peel away at Dick's credibility as a witness (the most obvious way being to hint in various ways at "Dick's centrality in this leak")?

Isn't Team Libby still left with the problem of suggesting some kind of motive for Martin to lie (and to lie in considerable, convincing detail, we hope)? So does the broader conspiracy dilemma entirely go away with Dick's corroboration?

Not a lawyer, me, clearly.

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