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November 18, 2006


what is soapblox anyway, and how much hands-on trouble is it to set up?

are running fluwiki off a server somewhere, and do they deal with some of the website administration or is it all you? does it cost much to run?

there is a little project I've had in mind for a year or so...

cheap... and it's sorta easy if you can handle style sheets. You don't have to change default colors, and so, if you do not it is easy.



I got two things on my mind, beside the Ohio State-Michigan game and the Auburn-Alabama game (call me a Multitasker)

First, Senator Rockefeller is going to proceed with the "Phase two" investigations that senator roberts just couldn't "complete" (that ought to be informative)

and second, there is an article about the Libby case, reporting that there will be a document dump sometime in december

I don't know how to make links, and now I can't remember how I got to the Libby article, but I wanted to let people know there's a new article, and a possible document release coming soon

did I mention that I love you guys ???


gotta go, bye


Go Cal Bears.

Glad to help freepatriot.

Libby Documents - Judge Walton


How come there is no analysis on the Libby case? JustOneMinute has a thread where Tom Maguire claims that the new information does not support emptywheel's analysis about the NIE leak.

yah, whassup with emptywheel working on her book and not being available?

Hoyer is scaring everyone who isn't a fed. Someone got set up the minute he wantd the job fed dems said goes to Hoyer-his constituents are dangerous and no one wants to go to jail.

Fitz passed on alot of Plame things and now this is the excuse.

i keep wondering why we don't hear any discussion about the possibility that bushco screws things up on purpose... if you carefully analyze what they are REALLY trying to accomplish - endless war, global chaos, boosting terrorism, one-party rule, social control through fear and religious extremism, channeling vast sums of money into the pockets of the already super-rich, all aided and abetted by a virtually totalitarian chief executive - they've been damn successful...

the reason neocons like adelman are pissed off is the same reason the christian fundamentalists are pissed off... both have been co-opted and used to advance one of the darkest agendas of modern history and they're now starting to wake up to it...


U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, the incoming chairman of the House of Representatives' tax-writing committee, said he would introduce legislation to reinstate the draft as soon as the new, Democratic-controlled Congress convenes in January.

give me a break...

sti1es, I think he's done this every year for a few years now, hasn't he?

Kissinger declares that military victory in Iraq is no longer possible.

Who will win the blame game that is sure to ensue? Interesting debate on ABC's "This Week" on the topic.

I love seeing all these right wing pundits and "intellectuals" finally telling the truth now that they lost the election, I'm grimly preparing to watch them lose touch again and start fogging the airwaves with baloney.

I also was thinking that it sort of makes sense that Bush would do a repeat of Vietnam, he was barely aware of that war when it happened and continues to have little interest in foreign affairs or history -- beyond picking and choosing idiotic characteristics of past presidents to emulate [a man on mars, defeating an evil empire, stubborn 19th century stupidity (Charge!), he actually did his hair like Reagan during the first elections].

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