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November 16, 2006


Sibel Edmonds contributed one hell of an article to the news cycle this week... it's a lengthy piece, but quite interesting... covered include many colorful characters associated with the military industrial complex.

Some vindication for Daniel Hopsicker this week as the FBI confirms they're hunting Wolfgang Bohringer in the South Pacific; he was an alleged close accomplice of Mohammed Atta...

That's on my radar... fascinating news cycle...

Tee-hee! That is a goodie. Remember the blinkered cowboy astride the terrified horse they had a few years back, maybe 2003? I gave mine away where I get to see it occasionally. That was the first pointedly political cover I could recall on the New Yorker.

I saw one where an Elephant (Rep) and a Bull (Wall St) were causing havoc in a China Shop, with little labels on everything broken for various issues, and a little Donkey (Dem) with an apron, broom, and dustpan following them around cleaning up.

It was funny and meaningful. Several months ago.

The proprietor looks like the antique shop proprietor in Borat. At least Borat paid for the damage.

honestly, making bush look as smart as a cow. really.

This week's cover is delightful as well.

Pretty much sums up Bush's professional life. destroys everthing he touches and then, wonders why he should have to take responsibility. Afterall, that is what daddy's buddies are for. To clean up after Jr.

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