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November 02, 2006


what's on my mind ???

I got nuttin

I ain't what you'd call an "Original" thinker

give me a hint ...

What's on my mind? I'm receiving communications from the future:

"Evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard is an alcoholic, and has checked into rehab."

here's one I was going to post on but doubt I'll find the time to. Minimum wage. It will be voted on in MT, NV, CO, OH, AZ and MO -- and has the potential to move lots of the Democratic base to the polls. But, at least what I've seen, the blogosphere hasn't talked about.

Federal minimum for a waitress, bartender, or anyone else who makes more than 30 bucks a month in tips is just $2.13/hour. Restaurants are complaining that raising wages will mean raising prices -- and there's only so many places that can sell a $40 steak. Will this affect the recent trend towards more expensive, higher quality and organic ingredients in restaurants as they try to keep menu prices down?

On the other hand, I read recently that eating out has never been cheaper -- the cost of a dinner out has, iirc, about doubled in the last 40 years while inflation has obviously been much faster. Are we just spoiled, and ought to be paying more -- and paying more to our servers?

Finally, in MT there is no 'tip exemption' -- state minimum wage is what it is, no adjustment for people who have tip income. That means that there's an incentive for restaurants to adopt a no-tipping policy if the measure next week forces them to raise wages while trying to keep the cost of a meal low. I, for one, would welcome a more transparent and predictable system where people get paid what they get paid, and a meal costs what it costs.

And that's just in the restaurant industry. Minimum wage is a big thing, and these measures may be a great Democratic base-mover to GOTV in the key states of AZ, MO, and MT. Have I just missed the posts on it, or are we not talking about it -- and if not, is that because most of the blogosphere isn't living on tips?

(I wish I could put up a "How much do you make?" poll but not sure typepad has that built in...)

In fact, typepad does support polls... some other time I'll try posting one in the main body of a post but for now see if you can get to it here

Minimum wage poll
(not that you have to be making it to care about it)
How much do you make?

I'm receiving communications from the future:

geez kagro, I just get ship-to-shore transmissions on my dental fillings

maybe I'm not tall enough or something

i talked about it in ohio, no where else.

A gay man in Denver claims he’s had a three year sexual business relationship with Haggard.

sounds like a marraige to me

Sidney Blumenthal sees the future of the repuglican party

from CommonDreams (I don't link):

Rove's legacy may be to leave the Republicans a regional southern party whose constrictive conservatism fosters a solid Democratic north.

Sid doesn't go far enough, and he overlooks the fact that the West and the MidWest are also a part of the equation, but he's right about one thing, the repuglican party is gonna paint themselves into the southern corner of the country before it dies

SEE, the ship-to-shore stuff is interesting too

uh, I'm glad I've blocked all flash from playing until I click on it?

if I wanted to watch TV, I wouldn't be on the internets. The tubes, they work for ME.

freepatriot: the repuglican party is gonna paint themselves into the southern corner of the country before it dies

One more reason we never should have let them have the vote back after the civil war. They just can't be trusted to behave like decent humans.

you might be a bit harsh, smiley, but the realignment in politics over the past 100 years is kind of amazing

in the last thread, demtom made a comment about the previous Democratic Majorities being subservient to "The Southern Bulls". The Democratic Majority that is emerging today isn't beholden to the southern racists anymore

the repuglicans chose "The Southern Strategy" 40 years back, and their chickens have come home to roost

the evangelicals and the KKK are the last bastions of the repuglican party, while the Democrats represent the comassionate middle

social security, healthcare, the economy, Iraq

it's a wide open field for the Democrats

emptywheel, you see this?
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15534713/ - Judge Walton: "no memory expert!"

okay, now I got something on my mind:

ReddHead posted a YouTube of John F Kennedy today

Now THAT is a President

JFK was my President for 13 months, but I lived in his dreams since I was born. The Apollo missions were a part of the reason that I study the cosmos even today. I also live in a part of the dreams of other great Americans who were slain in the cause of humanity. At the time, I was only aware of the assainations, and the controversies surrounding the deaths of these great leaders. My ignorance has been cured by rational and empirical research.

Today I live in a world that is realizing the dreams of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Medger Evers, Robert Kennedy, and a lot of others

on Tuesday, we get a chance to take another step forward on the path of progress

there might be hope for humanity after all

that's what I got on my mind

I love people, it's Humanity that pisses me off

Emptypockets, 40 years ago was 1966. There was a book out thereabouts on dining out in San Francisco for $5.00 or less--for two people. And then Frommer had Europe on $5.00 per day (per person) when I went in 1968. Around 1970, as I recall, a quite nice dinner for 2 could be had in SF for $25.00. Now that meal is about $100. OTOH, I paid almost the same for a Mazda 626 in 1984 as for my Scion xA last year. Minimum wage was a big deal in the CA Legislature, and I have read several stories on minimum wage initiatives at TPM cafe and TAPPED, where economics is a bigger deal than many political blogs.

The Washington Monthly or Atlantic Monthly, I can't remember which, had an article two or three years ago I think on how the GOP was painting itself into a very conservative corner and would be a regionally based party soon. I don't want to count too many chickens, but I think that even among the more conservative Dems running this time there is an opposition to Iraq and some kind of economic populism. I hope that the first defining issue after the 100 hours is the budget resolution, which includes tax policy and a revival of PAYGO. We are lucky that John Spratt of SC is safe now, as he is one opf the Dems' main budget experts.

pew is in the field last night through saturday for the last poll. They're asking about kerry's comment. Info via PBS' News Hour.

Mimikatz, ok you made me look it up. The figure was over 2 decades not 4. And I made up the part about doubling. Other than that I got it perfect. :)

New Yorker:

In 1962, “microwave oven” and “fast food” hadn’t entered the national lexicon. And restaurants were more expensive. Tim Zagat, the publisher of Zagat Guides, points out that for more than two decades the cost of going to restaurants or getting takeout has risen less than the annual rate of inflation -- that it’s much less expensive today than at any other moment in our history to pay other people to prepare our dinner. Never in our history as a species have we been so ignorant about our food.

who knows if they're throwing McDonald's and KFC into that average cost of eating out.

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