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November 01, 2006


if george bush won't change the course, We The People will

watch and learn

nothing succeeds like success

and the inverse ???

nothing fails like failure

want the shorter version ???

Karma is a bitch

As I was listening to one ad on the web my partner commented how appalling it is that this kind of garbage is what we hear from people who are supposed to be leading this country. My feeling is that this is most likely the reaction of at least 60% of the country.

People who have to perform at work and take care of their family responsibilities every day can't help but be repelled at the puerility of what passes for political discussion from the GOP side of the aisle, and I believe they will come out to reject it. This will prove that Rovian politics is a dead end, although don't expect the Pubs to draw that lesson.

People want a government that functions, and the Dems better be ready to show them how it is done--at least at the Congressional level.

Just saw clips of the Kerry misspeak - At first I though he just wasn't thinking about what he said, but when you see the clip it is completely clear that he had lost his place, took a quick look at his notes and just read a beat to get his bearings again. For the republicans to be riding this is simply juvenile -- And shame of John McCain. I expected better from him. He just lost my support as a moderate voice. Clearly someone has taken him in a back room, cowered him like a dog, and told him to suck if he ever wants to be President. Too bad he wants to be a Republican President worse than he wants to be a man. John K - Keep firing back, keep reminding everyone who hates the troops.

These bullshit artists with their phoney "patriotism" have driven me nuts for 40 years, ever since I was the first Vietnam Veteran going to a college in Colorado who spoke out against the war and traveled to other campuses - every time, the YAFers and the fraternity freddies and their ilk would accuse me of "lacking patriotism," and every time I would reply "so, when are you going to quit school like your dad did in World War II and join up?" And every time the response was silence, because these cowards weren't about to do that. A pack of jackals can always be held at bay by waving a torch at them and bathing them in light (in our case, the light of truth) and they slink back into the darkness - growling and howling and sounding scary, but slinking away because they aren't predators, they're opportunistic scavengers.

Bush looking under the desk for WMDs at a press dinner - this is the guy complaining??

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