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October 23, 2006


Yep. We are not far from a Communist China type of situation where if you speak out against the 'party' you get locked away on suspicion of some nebulous risk to the 'security' of the country. Padilla, to me seemed like the first bellweather in all of this. They slap the label terrorist on you and the just see if the word citizen means a damn thing. No rights, no due process. This isn't the United States of America that I was told I was so very lucky to be born into back in sixth grade. President Cheney has worked a long time to get rid of that U.S. He just needs one more election. Two weeks. Just two more weeks and we get to see the future. Wish I had an X-wing fighter on the pad.

When I read Prof. Tamanaha's accounting last week I felt like I'd been hit in the head with a sledge hammer. The words, anger and frustration we toss out here melded profoundly with the stark reality of his story. This is what happens when an Ends Justifies the Means mentality is nurtured amongst the very gatekeepers of our judicial system. It is a reality and now, thanks to this admin, this type of mentality is knocking at all our doors. Yes, Balkinization is a great blog but so is The Next Hurrah.

Guess I'm not so paranoid, after all. Given that this Administration has made a practice, even a fetish, of eliminating the "disloyal" or even the merely independent from every branch of the "unitary" executive, expect to see this kind of behavior from any representative of the Federal government.

Time to brush up on a little Vaclav Havel, studies of resistance to Nazi Germany etc.

This does sound more like the Soviets under Stalin or China under the Maoists than the Nazis, in many ways, although the behavior of the judges in the case is more like the German judges. I guess it shows that people absorb the traits of the enemies they are obsessed with. So one shpuld keep some balance and not lose ones principles.

People are still people, and the desire to kick the rocks over that hide undesirable things has increased as the people have become more sensitive to misuses of government.

With the internet, with the anom cell phone, it is easier than ever to expose nasty stuff and feel safe.

Sometimes an investigator doesn't need a source for where the body is buried. They just need the location. "Just send a map please."

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