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October 28, 2006


It's astonishing that after all we now know about Republician incompetence and criminality, I'm still reading that nobody knows what will happen in the upcoming election. They say it's down to the wire. Too close to call. Anything can happen in the last days, like suddenly Uncle Karl comes up with some blockbuster meme that simply overtakes voters' imaginations and decides, hell, let's give these guys another chance. So yes. The Republicans COULD hold onto both the House and Senate. The very thought makes me want to puke.

John P,
have you given some thought to the possibility that you are
wrong. That the public doesn't share your view of the universe?


am I detecting an attempt (already) to put a "good face"
on all your optimistic forecasts failing?
Are you arleady looking for that "silver lining" to a
Democratic failure, because really interested, and I
think inherently good, people like yourself are unable to
influence the Democratic office holders and seekers or
even the denizens of this blog, toward good sensible
moderate government.

You characterize me as some kind of Republican drone
because I address sensible issues in a logical way. Is
that some kind of "future shock" syndrome being

Yes, I realize that I personally am the dread of any party
hack. Actually looking at issues and people's character
rather than blindly following the official expoused line. I
have dared to cut the strings of the mad puppeteers. Have
dared to think. Now I don't say I know everything, but I
have and do recognize the failures of the entrenched
"party" systems, and the people that are really rewarded with
that system. The moneyed interest groups. The Lobbyists.

It is time to break free DemFromCT.

I see a new title "FreeManFromCT"


Jodi, you're funny. ;-)

What part of the last para didn't you read? Me, I love reading NRO, RCP and the WSJ opinion section. i like making sure I have done the due diligence and I like making sure that other eyes don't miss what my poor non-rebublican brain can't grasp.

After reviewing the Dark Side for missed information, I'm with Novak, though I think the Senate remains too close to call.

have dared to cut the strings of the mad puppeteers
All that means is that you're not really intetrested in the hard work of governance. You;d rather sit back and criticize everyone. Well, it's a free country, even under Bush (but barely). But it'll be a freer country with a Dem speaker.


you are a machine man. Say same, say same, ...

We gots two parties, and one I don't care for nationally. Locally, sometimes the R is better (but this is New England).

My word!

You are letting your hair down, DemFromCT.

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