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October 06, 2006


I wonder if all these issues(NIE, Woodward, Foley) coming out at the same time actually accentuate each other or just create overload?

In any case I hope the Dem candidates get even more aggressive and push their media advantage even harder. The drumbeats for failure and lack of judgement need to rise every day leading to a crescendo before election day.

click the "not so much" link in the story to see.

Just so we'll know where to hand out the ultimate kudos, DemFromCT, how many months ago did you start saying (based on your reading of the polls) that the key issue in the midterms was going to be Iraq?

ab initio, I couldn't agree more. The wonderful thing about blood in the water is that it turns out a lot of allegedly spineless Dems turn out to be sharks.

Interviewers are getting their heads handed to them, and Republican shills who used to get treated with such kid gloves are getting slightly tougher questions, while the Dems being interviewed for "balance" are cudgeling them with a message that essentially reads like what left wwwLand has been saying should be the case for a long, long time: Republicans mess up everything they get their hands on and they refuse to take responsbility for it. The tougher Dems may not sound quite like Keith Olbermann yet, but more of them seem to be leaning that way.

I personally think they should all take on a word Olbermann used last night. Not "lie" because that's been the word on Mister Bush for years. "Dishonor" is the right word, with the right tone. I like it because I think the Bush Regime sees nothing wrong in lying "for the cause," and neither do many of its supporters. But talking about "dishonor" turns their lies about their critics right back at them in a way that they can't repeat without reinforcing the Republicans-have-behaved-dishonorably theme. And that is delicious.

I like that, MB. I like that a lot.


Three events become no more than one.

Better for the Democrats if these things had come on over a longer period of time.
Of course most were time for right before the election.


Nonsense. Those not paying attention hear something. Those paying attention hear everything. It's like that annopying headache nostrum.


happened at the wrong time ???

what fucking planet are you on ???

the repuglicans are eating their own, 30 days before a national election, how could the timing be better ???

the chickens came home to roost just as America begins to pay attention, and jodi says the "timing" is bad

bad for who ???


I mean that a too rapid sequence of events becomes just a blur to the human eye and mind. Sure you can try to keep track of them, and number them, but most or can't do do that.

But maybe you just said that, so we agree.

"Better for the Democrats if these things had come on over a longer period of time."



"but most or can't do do that."

should have been - but most can't or don't do that-

Hurry, hurry, ... , mistake, mistake.

Hemmingway said it

gradually, then suddenly

I fail to understand how the repuglicans reaching the "suddenly" phase of their downfall right before an election is bad news for the Democrats

Haster is in serious trouble, bohner is barely hanging on, and skimkus looks like dead meat

and joezoe torturman made a fool of himself in this mess too

that's a twofer we can handle

but don't worry, things ain't so bad for the repuglicans that it couldn't get worse

hum the MASH theme song, and picture the evacuation of the Green Zone

it could happen before November

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