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October 15, 2006


The wheel turns.

While we're gloating about Republican negatives, why are we so sure about Democratic positives? It seems to me that voters are likely to be fed up with both parties, given that the Dems seem to lack any really coherent ideas on how do to anything, and that has been one of their weaknesses since the 1990s health care fiasco.

If voters dislike Republicans but aren't at all excited by Dems, why won't they just stay home, playing to the Republican strength at getting out the vote?

Indeed I expect the Democrats to start trying to make sure that their people don't stay home.

Still I expect that most of them will relish the idea of "stomping" the evil Republicans out of office, and will go early.

Certainly, the Beltway Dems will need scrutiny and pressure to avoid a return to complacency. November is only a beginning.

However, I refute the notion that a Dem House and Dem Senate creates crookedness. If the GOPundits want to make that case, they'd better show some past examples to back up that dubious claim. But when the GOP controls both, there's plenty of history, which remains a key difference between the two.

Jim Hill, to paraphrase Harry Truman, we're just telling the truth and it seems like gloating.

But if you read fred barnes at the Week;y Standard, you'll see he highlights a huge enthusiam gap in the polls... for the first time in 10 years, Ds are more enthusiastic about voting than R's.

Those that say the dems do not have a plan,etc. seem to know very little about modern campaigning. Defensive campaigning is a staple. Concrete plans will be less and less presnted pre-election in favor of principles to avoid million dollar attack machines. It won't change without election and campaign finance reform.


Fred is wise.

And the Democrats don't have a plan.

Two truisms there!

And the Democrats don't have a plan.

A plan for what? They have a process for planning, far more important. What you mean is they don't have a slogan. Fat good it did the GOP. Stay the course. Fight them over there... feh. Marketing garbage.

So DemFromCT,

the Dems don't have a plan but that is ok, because they have a committee, a study group, and a whiteboard with a structure tree.
Heck maybe a shoebox with tattered index cards. Did you say that?

Next I see brainstorming, sticky notes, flip charts, team building, ...

And there in the distance, a ... a,..., WHAT??

(If you can't tell me a plan, and can only refer to a "process" I shudder. What have they been doing these last years out of office?
Just waiting for the Republicans to mess up so badly that once again the wheel turns and it is time to "throw the rascals out.")

Yes in one of the Oriental books on warfare that we sometimes look at for strategy hints, it says something like

~~~ If you sit on the bank of the river long enough, the body of your enemy will come floating by. ~~~

The Democrats have been sitting so long, they all fell asleep, but wait here come some bodies.

Jodi -- you didn't answer: A plan for what?

Iraq? What's the Republican plan for Iraq? "We're confident things will get better"? Their "plan" from the beginning there has been "we refuse to consider the possibility that anything could go wrong."

Anything else? The modern GOP has no interesting in governing, only in ruling. So the only plans they ever have are ones to keep themselves in power.

"The Democrats have no plan" is yet another empty GOP slogan, a shiny bauble designed to keep anyone from asking too many questions about the Republican "plans."

Redshift perhaps you need to speak to DemFromCT about the plan. He says:
""And the Democrats don't have a plan."
A plan for what? They have a process for planning, far more important"

And then you say the the Republicans don't have a plan for Iraq. Well indeed they did. "Mission accomplished."

What you forget is that I say the WH and Bush were stupid with the Iraqi plan. Or the NO PLAN. Or the plan for happy liberated Iraqis to take over and plant flowers everywhere, as they danced through their new Democracy.

What concerns me now is the next plan which will probably come from the Democrats, and I, DemFromCT, and you, Redshift don't seem to have a clue as to what it is, or might be.

EASE MY MIND AND WORRIES Redshift. The same to you DemFromCT.
What's the plan, man?
What's the plan?

Come on, give me a hint. Please.

"To govern?"
"To have a process?

That sounds awful hollow.

Frankly it sounds laughable. A new bunch of clowns, taking over from the previous bunch of clowns that fell out of their shiny little truck onto their little painted heads.

(Sorry but I do think a bit of scarcasm was called for there.)


For God's sake, wake up.

Jodi, you're foolish about this and you still haven't answered the basic question. A plan for what? Iraq? Governing the house? And are you talking about electioneering or governance?There's a few plans for each one. Deriding the process is foolsishly wanting daddy to solve your problem for you - the major reason R's vote for the GOP.

There are plans for everything (the DoD has myriads) but they mean nothing without a process. See Iraq. Learn. Think. Plan, Do, Check, Act.


I see that I am only scraping the bottom. Maybe getting a grating sound.

In parting this thread which is due to disappear from the sidebar (the list really should be longer - and yes I know it is in the archives) I will only say.

Yes a plan on Iraq.
Yes Governing the House
Yes Social Security
Yes Medicare
Yes Pension Reform
Yes New Orleans
Yes Airport Security
Yes TRue Lobbyist Reform
Yes TV Ad reform

But I don't expect anymore that you will give what should be obvious.

I have to say I am surprised. All you had to do was throw in a wish list, a laundry list, a State of the Union, or something, but your reluctance to do so shows that the Democrats generally and even one of their great intelligent (and I mean that) advocates, DemFromCT, is running on empty. Just coasting slowly down the road to the finish line while the Republicans are laid up in the ditch.

It does not portend well.
Not well at all.


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