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October 10, 2006


I'm here tonight to speak out against busting schoolchildren. Busting schoolchildren is a terrible, terrible thing. I hear this is going on all over the country. Mean policemen arrest little children and put them in jail in the wrong neighborhood, so they can't even play with their little friends. Imagine, busting schoolchildren! The food in jail isn't good, and even though they get bread, I don't believe they can get toast. Or nice cake. Now, who will tuck them in? Where will they hang their leggings? Where will they set up their little lemonade stands? Well, they don't have toys in jail, except maybe..

No, no, that's BUSSING schoolchildren.

Oh. I'm sorry. Never mind.

PS The Yankees didn't lose, Detroit won.

DemFromCT, you asked me in an earlier thread about telomeres and stem cells. Today I was made aware of a human disease that's caused by a mutation in part of telomerase, the thing that keeps telomeres from getting too short. People with this mutation are unable to maintain the stem cells in their bone marrow (presumably because the telomeres get too short over many cell divisions) and end up with severe immunodeficiency.

Not as sensational as Foley news, but thought I'd follow up on that for you.

thanks, 'pockets.

I'm here tonight to speak out about sex on pages. Now, I am not in favor of putting sex on pages, but it's much better than putting sex on TV or in the movies, where there is all too much of it today. Writing sex down on pages, and putting it somewhere where no child can see it, is the sensible thing to do. I think if Congresspeople are going to think about sex, it is much better that they put it down on pages and keep it away from the young people than if they put it up on TV or in those awful videogames where any 16-year-old can be exposed to it. Thank you very much.

It's sex on Web pages that you really got to look out for.

Or maybe that's Web sex with pages.

…What was the question?

In Arizona, we've got something called the Minutemen (which is not meant to be innuendo); they're basically skeert of all them thar furr'ners comin' over border ’thout papers 'n such. One of the biggies is Jim Gilchrist, who on MSNBC this morning exposed himself as being a raving bigot without even realizing he'd done it.

It was a great way to start the day.

I saw the other day that "Inherit the Wind," the play-turned-movie about the Scopes monkey trials, will return to Broadway starring Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy. Except this time, in order to improve the box office receipts with out-of-towners, the Creationists win. (Just kidding.)

It seems a good time to bring this story back -- it was written originally not about the evolution battles directly (who ever thought THAT would be taken seriously?) but rather as an allegory for the McCarthyism and anti-intellectualism of the period... plus ca change...

I hear Scientology is considered a sex in Germany.

EPockets — the only way the IDiots can possibly win the battle is by being anti-intellectual; anyone who lives in a reality-based world cannot rationally dispute the fact of evolution, an old earth and so on. It's written in the fossils, in genes, in body plans — hell, it's everywhere.

So the mixing of anti-reality thuggery with McCarthyism probably is still quite relevant today … and alas, idiocy always seems to be the inbred child of religion.

I'm sure ITW will find itself under massive protest. Odds are that at least one right-wing fanatic will try to suggest that the "fag conspiracy" on Broadway is trying to push evolution in order to make sex with monkeys acceptable … and will say so with utter, total seriousness.

Just saw this bit over at tmpmuckraker from Duke Cunningham's jailhouse rant:

He also appears to disclose classified information. "There is a secret paper in my file that the U.S. Airforce presented to me (both former Chiefs of USAF) to increase the MZM programs and the justification for doing so," Duke wrote.

"It was funded at less than wanted & it will today save lives in the best Aviation Humit [sic] Program in existence now ever deployed with our training forces."

Now my limited knowledge of intelligence comes from reading Bearden/Ostrovsky/Mitrokhin/Andrew/Bamford types of books, but that just sounds weird. Aviation humint? Deployed with TRAINING forces? Anybody got an educated guess what he could possibly be talking about?

vachon, "sect, Miss Litella, not sex"

Warren, as Huxley said to Bishop Wilberforce, I would rather be related to a monkey than to those who would use their gifts of reason to obscure the truth.

I'm not sure religion always goes with anti-intellectualism -- after all, Mendel was a monk, the first printed book was a bible, and in fact I think the current "war" between faith and reason is of fairly recent vintage -- but they do have quite a history together.

those who would use their gifts of reason to obscure the truth

You mean Kristol and Hume?

And that'd be BRIT Hume. Who'd guess that the name Hume would become associated both with embracing empiricism and with ignoring empirical fact?

DHinMI, Ruy has an update.

Over the weekend, I put up a lengthy post on "State of the Race: The Macro and the Micro", which provided my basic take on how the campaign currently looks, based both on macro (national) and micro (race-specific) indicators. There isn't much new micro data, but the release of four new national polls (CNN, USA Today-Gallup, CBS/New York Times and ABC/Washington Post) yesterday allows for some updating of the macro indictors--updating that is all bad, bad, bad for the GOP.

Look, if the choice is to let b. hume fuc* you in the as*, or some psychotic broke(breit)back, syphilitic, scurvy, stinky, ebola-ridden cooze...well, at least you'd opt for a smidgen of decency....brokeback, go home...(but not by much)...

maybe the yankees didn't lose, but the A's sure the fuck lost

well, not yet ...

but I'm always ahead of the curve

I hear Scientology is considered a sex in Germany.

that sounds like a good reason to avoid having sex in Germany

Well, I'm a monkey's nephew, does that count? ;)

Anti-intellectualism and religion are ancient bedfellows, I think; remember Galileo?

McCain states Bill Clinton's N. Korea policy was failure.

Hillary releases statement:
"Now is not the time to play politics of the most dangerous kind — with our policy on North Korea," Philippe Reines, spokesman for Sen. Clinton, said in a statement. "History is clear that nothing the Bush administration has done has stopped the North Koreans from openly testing a nuclear weapon and presenting a new danger to the region of the world."

IMHO, when you can't meet and beat criticism, that is how you lose an election.

McCain 1 Clinton 0

Hopefully, Dems will put things into an improved context tomorrow.

Silly scoring. McCain going partisan doesn't help him, Bush or America.

McCain -1 Clinton 0

Well, that Detroit-St. Louis World Series is looking more likely than my last post...

This is a strange holographic conversation. DH: In RU it is customary to buss children.
In VA it is MWarner deciding to wait; i.e. quit now. I think ew asked a difficult question at Ykos, appropriately. He contributed to the cyberization of the modern caucus process by attending. Reviewing his known planks is an exercise in VA politics though; strange it abstracts to so unliberal when much of the personna actually seems liberal. He has got his vineyard; VA could benefit from his devoting a lot of energy in that endeavor.

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