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October 01, 2006


Mark Halperin is the best rebuttal to anyone who pretends the press is liberal. Today he had a two-fer: an op-ed in the Times extolling the genius of the GOP goose-the-base-on-terror strategy (at that point, he seemed certain they'd win with it), and an appearance on World News Tonight where he called Matt Drudge the Walter Cronkite of our time. So, that comment you cite is actually his wisest remark of the day.

I have a sense the Republican party right now is like a person who's gone untreated for cancer for years, and now finds corrupted cells popping up everywhere they turn. This scandal is a bit like the Plame scandal: our side didn't need it -- we were doing great regardless -- but it can only help our effort...maybe enough to turn this into a legendary election.

How bad is it, This bad:

t was a rare instance in this fierce political season that Republicans were not quick to respond. The Republican National Committee has not commented on the scandal, and nearly a dozen Republican members of Congress either declined to be interviewed or did not return telephone calls about the matter on Sunday.

That never happens.

The big hit would be if media pressure got Hastert and Boehner to resign. Not expecting it as I assume the Repubs will be marshalling their obfuscation team. Specially getting Gonzales in the picture to do the "investigation" which would mean cover-up.

Listen, this is a "win" for Republicans. See, an election is coming up in a few weeks and, true to form, the cut-and-run Democrats are politicizing things. That's their knee-jerk response to virtually ANYTHING that happens. The rock-solid Republican base will see this for what it is, and will come out in record-shattering numbers to defeat these Democrats, who are so eager to embolden Bin Laden's followers with treasonous talk of pulling out of Iraq. They are just trying to cause a scandal to take attention away from the fact that the price of gas has FALLEN, or haven't you noticed? You know, it's sickening how these Democrats act.

John Palcewski is right

why do we hate Amurikkka ???

if were so liberal and tolerant, why can't we just shup up and enjoy the ride ???

only a pessimist would focus on the fact that we just went off a cliff

look on the bright side

we're going to hell, but we're doing so at record speed

and we didn't have to stop and ask directions either (NASCAR Nation will like that little tidbit)

Thus far the time lines of known communications that were [without question] unsavory, favor the Republican leadership.
The bad stuff has only surfaced (according to what is known) recently. Yes, some of the Pages themselves did know about bad communications for say about 5 years, but they practiced a conspiracy of silence designed to further their own careers, and protect their reputations and Foley's as well. Most really liked the guy. This is according to their statements.

The Pages seem secure in their domitory arrangements, and seemed to be watched and checked on carefully, and had strict curfews, and not by Foley.

Thus far there is no indication of sexual meetings or encounters between Foley and the Pages. He may have just discovered the "pleasure of the cyber encounter" and got caught up in it. This kind of thing usually leads to a physical encounter. We can only hope nothing like that happened.

The problem for the Republican Leadership is the "taint." All Republicans will suffer, but the Leadership has responsibility. Just like the prison in Iraq. [[It is not enough to not know.]] My father and brothers say that Command and Leadership requires that you broadcast your standards and expectations to your men. You ask if there is something you should know. You state the kind of behavior you expect.

Personally I like what Donald Trump said last year. ~Hire good people and then watch them.~

Barring some revelation that a Republican (other than Foley) knew about BAD, BAD communications earlier than very recently, the Republican Party as a whole will weather this crisis. However the momentum and direction of the taint, even though it will be dampened by time, will carry it to Election Day.

I expect one or both of the Legislature Branches to go Democrat, or at least be lost to Republican control. [Unlike a lot here, I hadn't expected that until this happened.] All the books not withstanding.


Oh, and Foley has checked himself into an alcohol treatment program in FL.

"Barring some revelation that a Republican (other than Foley) knew about BAD, BAD communications earlier than very recently, the Republican Party as a whole will weather this crisis."

If the media exercise the same degree of lapdog-style restraint they have been w.r.t. the G.O.P. in the recent past, then that is possible. But there are all sorts of hints that your damage assessment is based on what is so far a successful cover up, but one that might not last. The timing of the "donation" from Foley's committee to Reynolds/NRCC, the blatant contradictions emerging in the G.O.P. congressional accounts, and the persistent stories that Foley's m.o. was known one two or five years earlier. But beyond Shimkus and those others who are likely to be implicated in covering this up, there is the issue of hypocrisy. Remember John Major? If memory serves, the scandals involving his administration were so toxic simply because they proved that the moral high ground they kept bragging about was actually built on very trashy landfill. And that's what Foley's story brings home in a very direct and simple way. That's why I think that this is likely to have more resonance -- again, depending on the degree to which the media continues to report it.

Any word on Foley being born again?

That argument won't fly. There are too many angry lower feed chain Rs demanding investigation and or resignation from leadership if involved (Chris Shays, Peter King, e.g.). They're doing so because they're all going to get hammered by the Ds running aganst them, who are all today going to demand an investigation and paint their R opponents as protecting a predator if they don't (that's not a guess, it started yesterday).

The Catholic Church scandal also sets precedent here. This will not go away so easily.

Over the next week, the story is whether there is an active and timly investigastion. Anyone blocking it is putting their head in a political (and ethical) noose.

And checking into an alcohol treatment center does not one wit for Foley. Alcoholism does not cause a desire to have sex with minors. That predilection has to be there before the alcohol. It's actually a diversion from the real problem. Sex addicts need treatment for sex addiction, specifically. He needs offender treatment and obviously is hoping to not need to own his behavior. Minimize, deny and blame. Today he blames it on alcohol. Not a good sign for treatment as far as I am concern.

Yes, John Palcewski is right.

Republicans consider child molestation a "win." Tell everyone you know!

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