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October 29, 2006


preach it, brother! The same paper had Ron Brownstein's end of the permanent GOP majority a week ago, and it was a much better read.

in fact, just in time in the WaPo:

Midterm Vote May Define Rove's Legacy
Big Losses Could Dim Aura of Bush Adviser

Who wrote this post? It's good. Always good to see a take-down of the "Rove is invincible" narrative, and better to see a good one.

It's occurring to me, and this could be way off, that one reason for the dulling of the gleam on that narrative is that it took people a while to figure out that yes, he really would go that low. Now he's lost the element of surprise there, and it's being revealed that what he's got left is all pretty ordinary.

(And, of course, another reason is that effective campaigning can only cover up for so much disastrous governance.)

Sorry, MissLaura, that was me. I have had problems with Typepad and couldn't get back in to add my information.

Thank you for that WaPo story, DemFromCT.

no matter what happens a week from tomorrow, karl rove's place in history is guaranteed as the orchestra leader for the most evil, polarizing, vicious, ugly, manipulative, and scurrilous campaign tactics yet seen in the united states... certainly, karl had notable predecessors, but it was karl who re-fashioned the template into something utterly despicable... karl rove is a very dark force indeed...


It might help you to understand that Karl Rove is the political mind, not the Iraqi/Iran/MidEast/SocialSecurity/WorldSecurity policy setter.

Karl Rove is the guy who picks up the pieces after Humpty Dumpty Bush/Cheney breakes all the China eggs by dropping them off the Democratization of the World Wall.

He did not get the GOP in this mess. But yes indeed it is to him, their money man, their clutch shooter, their Game Winner that they are now going to.

Karl is more than very, very good. But he still has to have something to work with.

Does he have enough? Well essentially only a week left to find out.

If memory serves me correctly, there was a recent flap at the LA Times involving a change in ownership - followed by the resignation of the long time senior editor of the paper. I heard about it on an NPR program. I remember thinking "there goes the corporate machine buying one of the few papers with a dissenting voice" - and here's our result.

The main thing that worried me about this article was this --\

"This week, Rove and his staff will turn to their endgame.

They will oversee a mobilization of political employees from Cabinet agencies, Capitol Hill and lobbying firms — many of them skilled campaign veterans — to more than a dozen battleground states. Many will act as "marshals," supervising the "72-hour plan" developed by Rove in 2001 with Ken Mehlman, the former White House political director who now heads the Republican National Committee."

Man, I hate the sound of that. I just can't help but wonder what all those 'operatives' are going out there to do that isn't meant to see the light of day.

I don't trust 'em. The dems need to have 10 lawyers and investigators documenting every move those bastards make.

But I digress. A good week to all. I voted already and my machine seemed to work fine. High hopes.

To be clear 10 lawyers and investigators documenting every move EACH of those bastards make. Watch 'em like a hawk, Howard.

I am battling the blogospheric whorlwind on this one, but I've got a very different take on that piece. Seems to me the entire point of the piece is to raise the question of the propriety - to say nothing of, in some cases, the legality - of putting the resources of the federal government to use for political gain. If your conduct is inappropriate and possibly illegal, does that make being a maestro of such conduct less bad or worse?

And given that this is a news piece for a major daily, would it be better to present the facts, like this, or do it the other way, which would be to say, "Some have raised questions about the third prong," and then go on to quote Chuck Schumer raising questions about the conduct, making it sound like yet another partisan he said-he said where most readers may well throw up their hands and call down a plague on both their houses.

And note that the article raises questions much more effectively by showing quite clearly that it is no coincidence what happened in Reynolds district and then - instead of having a Democrat say it was no coincidence - having the White House say, absurdly, that it was a coincidence.

I agree about what the article facts imply, and what for starters I hope Dems are doing to be prepared.

As for whether that's what the reporters intended, given their cv and the aggressiveness the Trib people have shown in LA, if so it's an act of transgression of the genre.

"The stars were aligned. It was a coincidence," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

Coincidence, like Natural Selection? Whatever happedned to intelligent design?

given their cv

And how much of their CVs are you familiar with? Have you followed their reporting? Have you read Hamburger's book? What do you make of the actual substance of both?

I'm always amazed that Karl Rove is considered a "genius". It's not genius that separates him from other political operatives, it's his complete lack of ethics and his willingness to go beyond the boundaries of even the most aggressive players. It's not that he shows an unusual creativity, it's rather the sheer ruthlessness of his tactics that make him stand out. It's shameful that he's so lionized for it, and it reveals the sad state of our society's consciousness. Our democracy is all the worse for his contributions.

Probably a dead post at this point, but nicely put Corncrib. Couldn't agree more.

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