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October 11, 2006


Denny wrote a book. John Leasch read it. John quoted from p. 186

" On page 186 of Dennis Hastert‘s book, he says that he listens to everything, and, you know, he knows everything that is going on. Use his words. Apparently he forgot, but on page 186 of his book, he says he listens to everything and he remembers everything.."

Did Denny lie then or is he lying now?

off-topic -- NYTimes headline: "Bush says no plans to attack North Korea"

like not having a plan ever stopped him before...

Exactly, ep. This sounds so very very much like the district attorney who says s/he has "no plans to seek higher office at this time."

But, in this case, I think Mister Bush may, unlike Hastert, be telling the truth. What exactly would an attack look like - stealth bombers pulling off an Osirak-style attack against NK's nuclear facilities? Would that involve the same problem as attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, which is that the U.S. doesn't know where they all are? More to the point, would it push North Korea to fire up its prodigious rocket batteries and torch Seoul to the tune of several tens of thousands of casualties?

yo, MB, China ain't gonna allow a bombing run in North Korea, much less a few hundred bombing runs over North Korea

lets speak the truth for a while

george bush doesn't have any military options here

any attack on North Korea is going to be percieved as a threat to China, and China ain't gonna allow that to happen without retaliation

so an attack on North korea means the destruction of Souel, and probably the loss of Tiawan

not exactly something you could hand a "Mission Accomplished" banner for

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