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October 01, 2006



I am not trying to be flip, but we are all going to die. My dad said it, and mom confirmed it.

People were greatly concerned about the last flu season, and it was a flop (good!).
People have been greatly concerned about this years hurricane season, and thus far it has been a flop (which is also good) for the US mainland.

Humans have the ability to adapt. And most of them adapt to a stress or a worry by insulating themselves from it over time. Their skin gets figuratively thicker and they gradually lose that fear when something "might" happen and then doesn't, and doesn't, ...

Of course there are some that don't have this ability. They usually go bonkers after a while. It is a stressful world.
Then they are the professionals whose job depends on people being worried so their funding continues.

If my bosses didn't fret and worry, I would be teaching and coaching in a school in Texas instead of prancing around with a lot of high tech gear. Maybe would be happier, but I have insulated myself from that.

Ah, the plight of the over-observant and vigilant.

Some of us are vigilant so you don't have to be ;-)

But honestly, this is non-partisan, "Mike Leavitt, a Bush cabinet official, was right" stuff. It sounds like you're talkin' New orleans pre-katrina. Ah, the hurricane didn't come in 2003, why should I fix the leavees now? We all gotta go sometime.

We know how that worked out.

But that's human nature. So, what we've done is supply a place where you can check it out. At your own speed. Half the users are conservative R's (I know 'cause they tease me unmercifully), but we also get links from Real Clear Politics, Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit., etc (though not from the hard right), so no politics allowed. Just citizen participation. projects like this and the Tripoli 6, are examples of the blogosphere at its best.


Never thought about politics with the weather. That is one of those things where as my dad says the guy on watch always gets caught in the "weather." The other side will thenalways find shortcomings in the performance.

What really drives me bonkers is politics and business (Tech). Up, down, all around, back again. We do business with some segments of the Govt. and Regime changes can affect us.

(see the interest)

I agree, I am not much of an alarmist either, but people cannot simply ignore the problem just because it has not yet had a massive outbreak.

I think one thing people overlook too much is hand washing and its effect on keeping us healthy, particularly from flu ( http://getreadyforflu.blogspot.com/2006/08/for-pandemic-flu-prevention-best.html ). It certainly would not eradicate the problem, but I believe if people would just be more diligent about washing their hands, we could deal a major blow to the potential flu pandemic.

Russ Walker, absolutely right. The amount of preps needed go beyond that, but you're right.

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