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September 26, 2006


Good post DemfCT.

As long as Dems remain on the offense they'll have the Repubs on defense. As long as they create the frame and not play on the Repub frame they have the advantage. The Dems have reality on their side.

Iraq is an unmitigated disaster. Bush has created a civil war with our troops in the middle. Afghanistan continues to worsen with a resurgent Taliban attacking at will and the drug trade booming. Israel at the behest of Bush got smacked by Hezbollah and has created a crisis of confidence in Israel. The neocon-Likudnik combine has shown termendously bad judgement. They cannot be trusted anymore to make prudent decisions. Our military is broken, our international alliances are in shambles, we are hated more than respected in the world - the US has no credibility right now in the world.

A change in America is the only thing that can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Nov 7th will decide if we start the recovery or continue to spiral down further into this growing mess.

I'm interested in whether Clinton's Fox appearance has really affected anyone else's messaging. Has anyone seen evidence of this, or is it just a glib assertion by certain bloggers?

"On the defensive" -- oh, yes, let's keep them there, please; it's where they've long deserved to be. Thanks for the update, DemFromCT.

The Note: wow. I used to catch Halperin on ABC's (then-fabulous) overnight show occasionally, and he always seemed perfectly fine (and, I'm ashamed to admit now, sorta cute in a wonky kind of way). What the hell happened? Simple toadying? I mean, sheesh, that thing reads like satire...

Somewhat OT: anybody hear anything about Anbar province this week? A week ago the news was that we'd lost it; then in one of Clinton's late-in-the-week interviews (not that one) he said the provincial leaders were moving to kick out the jihadis. It occurred to me that if they're successful, and things calm down there, that'd be as powerful an object lesson in the folly of "stay the course" as one could find (and perhaps an argument for a quicker withdrawal than even the most assertive Dem is calling for). Now I'd guess that the Anbar elders aren't planning for the Jeffersonian democracy we've dreamed of; but I'd be really curious to know what's going on there.

Crab Nebula, Fineman on Olbermann was just talking about how Clinton's appearance has energized the Dems and created a dynamic that's startled the Reps. Coming from a master of the conventional wisdom, I'd call that promising. And the administration's full-court press against it (including Condi's tale-spinning at the NYP) suggests Fineman may be onto something. Knock wood.

Sorry. I must have misheard what it was POTUS said: "Somebody's taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes." He can't be serious! It's a joke! He's a joke! Somebody's taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes. Imagine! Somebody's stolen our M.O! Un.be.liev.a.ble!

Hillary Clinton seems to have found the spine to attack Condi Rice for rewriting history to suggest that her hubby did as much against al Qaida as Hillary's.

And didn't Dem and I say Social Security was a good issue fornthe Dems?

bush was hoist on his own petard ???

is that how you say it ???

Karma sucks, don't it george ???

what i don't understand is WHEN does bush decide when a classified document will be unclassified, and HOW MUCH of it will be unclassified? why is it classified if he can wave a magic wand and make it unclassified all of a sudden? and is that not political interference of the type he accuses his opponents of? so what if he is king george presently, it still smacks of political opportunism, the kind he despises in others and is quite happy to indulge in himself.. bush needs to be taken to the cleaners. perhaps he can be taken to some country that doesn't want to abide by the geneva conventions for some of his own medicine that he is willing to give on 'suspects'.. i consider bush a prime 'suspect' to the usurping of freedom and democracy that the usa used to be known for..

I wonder who leaked the report. I wonder why the President didn't seem interested in finding out.

Any thoughts, anyone?

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