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September 01, 2006


In the long term, do you think there will be more or less terrorism in the United States because the US went to war in Iraq?

More: 60%
Less: 31%
About the same/no difference: 6%
Not sure: 3%

Bush's ridiculous notion that if we left Iraq the Sunnis and the Shi'a would stop fighting each other and come over and attack us is transparent to over 60% of the people. What trust is left in him derives solely from the fact that we haven't been attacked since 9/11. His supporters aren't sure why, but that is enough for them.

Bullies like Rove and Cheney are successful if no one fights back. The big surprise for Rove was that the Dems started fighting back in 2005, first on Social Security, where they knew they had a majority, and then on Iraq. Rove's stragtegy and tactics don't work so well against amore confident and aggressive opposition. As of this moment I see no reason to change my prediction that the Dems will take 15-25 seats in the House and 4-7 in the Senate, except that I'd downgrade NY-20 and WA-08, but upgrade VA-02, based on polling.

Please don't miss the article in the current Washington Monthly. Sorry I don't have the link, but I linked to it from today's Washington Post. It deals with a commission trying to sort out Iraq, chaired by James Baker the Third, and Lee Hamilton, with an equal distribution of Dems and Republicans. Apparently lots of arm twisting went on with Bush and particularly Cheney, and they have been at work for months, bringing in all the Iraq experts available, lots of consultation from RAND and the like, and the idea apparently is a post election new policy.

Tonight on TV I noted a short piece that Baker and Hamilton are now in Iraq as part of the inquiry.

The article has a stunning finish. What will happen when it is finished? Answer, Baker will sit down with Little George, and as one does with a son who drinks too much, do an intervention.

Now that really solves all these problems, doesn't it? Anyhow, look up the piece, it is stunning.

Sara, here's the link.

A Higher Power
James Baker puts Bush's Iraq policy into rehab.

Great site very informative two thumbs up!


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