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September 27, 2006


The TX-22 poll was an internal Lampson poll, not a non-partisan poll. It has Lampson at 43%, the favored write-in at 14% and 28% undecided. Smithers takes about 8% away from the R's.

And the Dems seem to be developing an instinct for the jugular themselves. There are some pretty hard-hitting Dem ads out there too.

I'm not saying we win, just that we have spread the field, and the Dem challengers are in very good shape going into the final weeks of the campaign, able in many cases to match the GOP on money and message.

raise your hand if you think Iraq will get better before November

and keep your hand up until November

you got a better chance of keeping your hand up that long than the repuglicans have of surviving the disaster unfolding in Iraq

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