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September 04, 2006


Great catch as per usual emptywheel.
I suspect that "selecting a biographer," is DeadEye's way of acknowledging that he's "circling the drain."

Actually, it is quite customary to showp for friendly bio ghostwriters. What is shameless is when a formerly respected journalist (Woodweird) selects Larry King as interviewer knowing full well the softball pitcher will merely scamper over the
Plame matter and intentionally walk the batter.

it will be great fun comparing the "statements" in the feelgood biophony
and the criminal record

History is always written wrong,
and so always needs to be rewritten

Santayana's corollary

You expected David Corn?

The kindest act history can do for Dick Cheney is to forget him -- any remembrance is bound to be unpleasant.

At least picking a no-credibility non-historian as his biographer may pre-empt a real historian from being assigned to him posthumously, and may discourage real writers from wanting to trod that ground too soon.

History will judge Cheney as it does everyone else, unpredictability. I think the relevant discussion here is what the schedule will be. That it's being announced now and not after he's out of office suggests that the release date for the biography should fall right around September 2008, just in time for the next presidential election.


Yes, that's one of the important points. I wondered if Cheney is contemplating a presidential run, in spite of all his denials.

Ultimately History favors winners. Caesar wrote his propaganda describing the campaign in Gaul. Had he lost, filling Rome with spin and statues wouldn't have mattered. Caesar won Gaul and it was stable province for Rome while Cheney's adventures in Iraq are a disaster for Cheney's American Empire. The USA will have no "syriaq" province.

Cheney wants to create a parallel universe for his place in history. I suspect his bio. will be a very useful Rosetta stone for historians to understand the depth of his delusions.

Cheney is Caligula: One "sick [email protected]#k", only without the "mojo".

I find it oddly (and only slightly) comforting that Dick chose - probably had to choose - such an obvious lickspittle - Hayes is basically part of Cheney's propaganda 'detail'. If only he could've chosen himself de facto! But Hayes is a good choice for him - calm, good on teevee, a 'nice guy'. The timing is strange. The whole Cheney phenom is strange. Somebody's potato has been bakin' a little too long...

Somewhere on the internets there was a contest this weekend to predict the name for the book, and I just thought of mine: 'At This Juncture' (I bet it really does end up being called something like that! Something understated, all the more portentious for being so - and also very 'official'-sounding: pure dick).

If we're naming his biography then I'm going with, "Right from the Beginning."

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