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September 05, 2006


Robert (Sweetness and Sunshine) Novak weighs in:

Immigration is the most melancholy element of a depressing Republican year. The Iraq intervention and its aftermath have hurt, and Republican inattention to runaway government spending has been deplorable. But immigration is the issue most likely to cause rank-and-file Republican voters to stay home on Election Day, and it may cost the party its congressional majorities.

They won't finish the appropriations bills except for defense, they won;t adopt a budget reconciliation bill, and thye won't tackle any domestic issues. What a bunch of cowardly failures.

"What a bunch of cowardly failures."

Will voters do anything about it in Nov? Do they care? I certainly hope they do and take some responsibility for the country's predicament.

As Charlie Cook told MSNBC (referring to R losses), "this cake is baked."

this is so typical of this congress.
Now the MSM say if Dems get in then they will allow immigration to go unchecked. What?!? What are the republicans doing now?
I do believe that the reason that Dimwit is doing nothing in this area is part of the Republican idea of eliminating all New Deal and Great Society programs. Bush cronies Norquist and Rove want all programs gone and so, if there are enough illegals to bankrupt federal programs, help in bankrupting the country, ect., and keep wages down, then it helps.
Privatizing the IRS, trying to with Social Security, ect.
I really believe this immigration problem is part of it. I have heard a couple times this is a dream of Rove's and Norquist's and Bush.

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