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September 02, 2006


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
IMHO, well done graphics are key to making polling numbers accessible, because it is easier to see the trends.

In addition to the polling sites, the House and Senate races are regularly updated at MyDD, complete with updated poll results, as well as at the usual sites such as the Cook Report and National Journal.

One of my favorite polls by the Field organization appeared in May 2006 in Sacramento; it showed Bush was disapproved, and compared that nadir to a panoply of modern presidents. The Field director, Mark DiCamillo, usually has an interesting discussion with his polls.

On the graphic you published in your diary, I doubt the Republican will emerge so low in the percentages in November.

JohnLopresti, never overestimate Alan Schlesinger. He makes Alan Keyes look like a strategic genius.

fantastic graphic from pollster. I love it.

rumors fly that http://www.electoral-vote.com/ will relaunch after labor day (well, not so much a rumor, as a hint on that site's front page). They did a great job tracking state by state presidential polls in 2004.

The NYT link leads to RCP -- not I suspect what you intended.

fixed, thanks!!

emptypockets, they had a bit of a "last post counts most" mentality, which I didn't care for, but it was a good site.

I also forgot to mention Prof. Pollkatz.

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