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September 06, 2006


today on c-span3:

the house judiciary "Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Legislative Hearing on "Legislative Proposals to Update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)." (H.R. 4976, H.R. 5223, H.R. 5371, H.R. 5825, S. 2453, and S. 2455.) "


More R strife:

GOP Senators Differ With President on Military Trials
Terrorism Suspects' Right To Information Is at Issue

Leader Frist has the Senate nailed, eh?

This is only tangential to the subject, but the best place I can find to post it: god bless Florida GOP voters for helping make sure the '07 Senate is no better by nominating Harris. I'd feared Democrats had done their job too well, that primary voters would narrowly pick a less toxic candidate. But there, as in RI, the right wing seem determined to ease the way for Democratic victory.

Come to think of it, maybe it's not so off-topic. Right-wing hubris, even in the face of poll collapse, is one of the things making it so difficult for Frist to keep his caucus together. In the old days, a Bob Dole would have found a face-saving way to pass something that provided cover for the party. But, at this point the righties are in rule-or-ruin mode; they're no more reality-based than their president, and they seem to think they'll get what they want by sheer force of will, public opinion be damned. It's an attitude I remember well, from the 60s/70s, on the left. I expect things to end about as happily for today's right as it did for that era's left.

Republicans are in disarray! And this is actually true, unlike the standard media narrative of trying to paint the difference between "start pulling out of Iraq by the end of the year" and "start pulling out of Iraq next year" as a huge split.

And, via Laura Rozen, the Senate can't pass the Intelligence Authorization Bill for the second year in a row, thus avoiding any opportunity for oversight. Why should anyone give these clowns another 2 years?

demtom is right on the brittle legislative strategy of the GOP. In the past, the wingers would try to take out Dole or Lott because they were too accomidating; you know, they actually figured out ways to pass legislation. Now they've finally got a Senate leader who's more concerned with serving the right than passing legislation (to go along with the intransigent types in the House), and the result is that they'll probably finally lose control because they were too obsequieous to the right.

Why work on Immagration when they have done nothing of any importance the whole term. Besides, Rove has orders to talk FEAR FEAR and more FEAR.
I think the Dems will try to extend things so Republicans have to stay over the expected time in congress instead of campaigning on fear and also make it impossible for the Republicans to do any more damage to the country by passing their agenda.

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