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September 05, 2006


The mayor told everyone to stay. They had no idea what was there. An inventor came up with a sniffer for things in the air and was not allowed to use it.

The terror could easily have been combined to be puyt into the air after the crash into the building. Those are alot of people in one place and there are alot of firemen and poicemen.

This was a cover up and we should expect the same response if it happens again.

read this

DeFrank leads his story with this gem: "'The security issue trumps everything,' a senior Bush official said last week. 'That's why even though they're really mad at us, in the end they're going to give us another two years.'"
and read what I posted. Who would trust this bunch on anything, let alone security.

"They talk the talk, but they never walk the walk."

This administration does government by Public Relations (another term for media manipulation and propaganda). Former members of the administration and investigative journalists have confirmed this in many areas. BushCo's first, and sometimes only, concern regarding any issue is how they will look politically. Image is everything, and reality is secondary (if it matters at all to them). It is hard to believe that Bush Republicans would be so unconcerned about actually addressing real problems, but they have shown this time and time again, and it has worked well for them politically. As this post points out, the consequences of their irresponsibilty can be tragic.
Regarding "limited government", I just learned that vice-president Gore led a commission investigating security that recommended requiring replacement of airline cockpit doors with steel doors. This was prior to 9/ll. Republicans defeated the proposal because it would "cost too much" (for the corporate airlines). The context is that airline security was left to the airlines. Republican philosophy says the free market will take care of everything, so the airlines would compete to have the best security measures, which of course is a joke. And small government, and government not "interfering" in private enterprise and profit-making, meant that those doors would cost too much. How much has 9/11 cost us?

Even though the truth about the physical condition of the 9/11 first responders and government inaction towards it has surfaced recently in the media I wouldn't have expected anything less from the Republicans. How ironic...God forbide we "cut and run" from Iraq, yet when it comes to helping those who were the soldiers on that fateful day (first responders) it's fine.

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