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September 21, 2006


It appears their trial has today been put in recess until Oct. 31, which gives the US more time to, you know, actually do something.

It's really too bad that the current Adminstration has spent so much time ruining our international reputation. Back in the good old days we could have argued this from a position of moral superiority. Now we have to use non-governmental channels almost exclusively.

The trouble, William, is that the U.S. sold its soul in Libya for the oil.

Sure, Libya gave up its nuclear precursors and has cooperated with fighting al Qaeda - fundamentalists being Qadafi's enemy, too. In return, Washington is trading secrets and prisoners with the fellow who planned the Lockerbie bombing and assassinations of Libyan dissidents in Britain and the U.S. Qadafi gets a pass to continue the domestic human rights abuses he's been engaged in since '69.

What does the Bush Regime really care about in Libya? It gets another locale for rendition and huge oil concessions in a country that already leads Africa in known reserves and may well contain as much oil as Russia or even the emirates, since two-thirds of the desert is unexplored.

Meanwhile, the outward signs are not good. The number of women who completely cover their faces in the street (a reversal of 25 years of social modernization) and the number of men who wear beards (as a mark of piety and fundamentalism) increases day by day. Sanussi, the brutal intelligence chief, said 18 months ago that he knew every man in Tripoli with a beard. He can't say that anymore.

What was the supposed motive of the Six? Or what was charged?
What is the supposed motive of the Government?

Do the 6 have HIV or AIDS. You would assume that after 6+ years of bad conditions, torture and deprivation they would be near death if not dead if they had the virus/disease themselves.

Declan Butler gives as good a summary as you'll find. They are accused of deliberately infecting 400 children with the HIV virus.

Thanks DemFromCT,

that link didn't have what I wanted and I was reluctant to pursue the trail of bread crumbs further.

Just a little curious. Maybe later.

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