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September 13, 2006


No, 2008 is All About Hillary and McCain (or is it Rudy?), if you watch Chris Matthews. He even said that on the Sunday show. The midterms are a bore for him.

But you are mostly right. It's about Iraq and repelling the GOP attack. And as some of us have said over and over, it is how Dems present themelves in dealing with these two issues that show whether they are strong or timid. Gods save us from any more timid Dems.

Add KATRINA to IRAQ as to what it's all about. Democrats must aim their messages to more than one constituency and then it is repeat, repeat, repeat.

CLK, if this was a presidential year, yes. But katrina doesn't resonate re congress.

And see my piece below. The R's aren' going to forget taxes. it's terror, taxes and attack ads from here to Nov. 7.

Offtopic (unless you're the NYT): How did Chris Dodd vote on the Iraq War Resolution? He's liberal enough to have maybe escaped that disaster with a no vote.

Decided to do 2 minutes of research instead of expect someone else to. Dodd voted yes. (Link to rollcall vote.) So did Daschle, which I hadn't realized. The only vaguely presidential type to oppose it was Corzine.

And Levin. Is there an obvious reason Levin has never run for president, besides being Jewish and, now, too old (72)? I personally think we ought to be running midwestern Democrats every chance we get, as opposed to Northeastern or Southern.

As Fineman (the weathervane) says on Hardball, Bush is just toxic this fall in the northeast (he's reporting from Philly).
Fineman's probably visiting his daughter in Philly (amongst other things).

Fineman still occassionaly says stupid things, but I don't think he tries to be malicious or wankerific. I heard him speak earlier this spring on campus, and found him to be way more thoughtful than he is on TV... maybe it's because he's not always allowed to speak by the host.

texasdem, the problem with midwestern Democratic presidential candidates is, the last two we ran carried only one state apiece.

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