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September 24, 2006


How Republicans think this is going to stay out of the news between now and November is beyond me

The torture Kabuki is designed to uncouple Iraq from the GWOT.

Think the timing of this was driven by the courts?

Not bloody likely.

Actually, they want it tied together. Uncoupling is what the D's want.

Actually, they want it tied together

A year ago, yes. Maybe even this spring, but not now.

Iraq is a disaster -- the less Iraq talk the better, from the GOP's perspective.

Check out the polls -- Iraq is an election-breaker. "Better on Terrorism" is the GOP's only winning policy internal.

As long as the talk is all of terrorists, and doing things to them that make the weak feel less embarassed, the GOP will prosper.

Iraq will now disappear for six weeks. It is vital for the GOP for the subject to be changed.

Iraq won't disappear completely, if the press gives any coverage to the Dems' hearings around the country, and if the Dems put it front and canter in their ads. This election will not be won by the timorous. It is the GOp's biggest worry.

I.R.A.Q. - Idiots Rearing A Quagmire. Next up: Idiots Rearing A Nuclear disaster.

We need to be screaming Iraq from the rooftops, the mountaintops, the treetops, the antennatops...

Iraq is still a winner for the Republicans.
What do the Democrats want to do? Get out now? If that were to happen it would mean the Democrats are in charge, and they don't want to be in charge when that happens because unfortunately (at this late time) it would be a worse disaster they they are ill equipped to deal with.

''Iraq is still a winner for the Republicans.''

No, Iraq is still a winner among Republicans. Big difference. ;-)

"they don't want to be in charge"

That's as silly as saying that the GOP would like Dems to take Congress because it's better for 2008. Both sides loathe being in the minority.

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