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September 08, 2006


Iraq keeps getting worse too, as WaPo reports that Baghdad is planning a big expansion of its morgue to handle 250 bodies a day. Assuming each body stays a few days, that would probably cover 2,500 fatalities a month. Last month's toll was revised to 1,536.

On Afghanistan, I read that this year's poppy crop is enough to supply 130% of the world demand, but most of it goes to Europe and Asia. They can't be happy. Between all the narco money sloshing around that country and the deal between the Pakistanis and the Taliban/al Qaeda, things are really going backwards for Bush.

All of which highlights the Dems' best issue--whatever chaos would result from our leaving Iraq, chaos will also result from our staying there and failing to focus on other parts of the world, to say nothing of problems in our own country. Voters instinctively know that, but the Dems can help them see their choices more clearly.

re afghanistan see:

http://cfr.org/publication/10273/ from the Council On Foreign Relations.

re the general theme:

The Bush administration’s proposal to bring leading terrorism suspects before military tribunals met stiff resistance Thursday from key Republicans and top military lawyers who said some provisions would not withstand legal scrutiny or do enough to repair the nation’s tarnished reputation internationally.

Democrats, meanwhile, said they were inclined to go along with Senate Republicans drafting an alternative to the White House plan, one that would allow defendants more rights. That left Republicans to argue among themselves about what the tribunals would look like and threatened to rob the issue of the political momentum the White House hoped it would provide going into the closely fought midterm elections.

if you have been reading my posts, that's not a surprise.

Hereh's the link.

Afghanistan and Iraq are different as I have been told by people that have been there. The so called Taliban are not local people but are from Pakistan and yes they turn out a lot of them in those religious schools over there. It is hard to do anything about the source without getting Pakistan mad at us and we need them for other reasons.
Yes the Afghanistan government is not very good. In fact I would agree that democracy doesn't play very well anywhere in the MidEast. It is like an opi

As a practical point we should have put a King or Emir or a dictator in power, and we would have better results. Like Saudi Arabia, QAR, Egypt and the like.

But the American people wouldn't stand for a "dictator" being put in power, while they will embrace the idea of a democracy like some narcotic induced dream.

And yes our failure of competency due to greed, after the first 4 weeks in Iraq, has set up resurgence of bad stuff all over the world.

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