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September 28, 2006


I will never fully understand his role in the plame case. I will never understand why he would go on t.v and say basically that it was no big deal and much ado about nothing. He has lost any credibility and I don't think he can regain it even now. His first book about Bush was a disgusting round of approval. Now he wants to pretend like he knew it all along that this administration was pure evil?? Sorry, but woodward missed the freakin' boat. It's too late baby...

Yeeah, mee tooo...now if only Henry could get back into government, he could actually do all that stuff he tacitly supported elsewhere back when. Gee, and Woodward actually playing reporter -- I'm getting that '70s feeling again (complete with NY-area deejay reference ;) ).

Bob Woodward sounds like one of those people that can only have one best friend at a time. Today it's Bush. Tomorrow it's Henry. Next week it'll be Hillary. I can't keep up.

I wonder if Henry carries around his nobel prize— the one he got for leaving half of Saigon swmming in the harbor. The brothers Kalb must be excited. A book deal on SuperK II is already in the works.

Motorola ringtones, eh? Sounds like "la-la-la-la-la" to me.

Anyway, about Woodward, one need only note that this belated round of reportorial zeal comes on the day that it appears official disappearances at the behest of his erstwhile hero will become legal. Would this be true if Woodward's "reporting" and use of his journalistic status had been different?

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sad to see our trolls so disheartened they had to resort to something like that

NOT !!!

I kinda agree. No big deal.

Yes I too have heard that Bush is taking in all sorts of advisors these days. Trying to prepare for his book. He wants to appear as a person who listens and reads and watches.

For the longest time, they have denied that this is Vietnam. Now, we find out that it is... and we need to win it all over again.

Kissie's Op Ed from 8/2005


I kinda agree. No big deal

De Nile is that river in Africa. It'll be on the news evbery day between now and Monday, assuring bush loses this week's news cycles and staets off nxt week in the hole again. It brings the issue of iraq front and center, yet again.

Please distinguish between "not a big deal to me" and "not a big deal politically". You're wrong about the latter.

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